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Student at ORA's Oxford Summer School, 2019

  • Course type

    Course: New Persepectives

  • Location

    From: St Lucia

  • Age

    Age: 15 years old

Highlights from Ariel’s experience

  • Made new friends from all over the world
  • Gained self-confidence after experiencing a brand-new country independently
  • Enjoyed learning outside of the classroom during exciting excursions in Oxford and beyond


“It can be said that the teaching was not limited to the formal classes, but was incorporated throughout our journey.”

Oxford Royale Academy is a summer school programme that encourages students to expand their academic prowess. My experience at the programme can be described as no less than wonderful. For two weeks I was able to travel to a new country, make new friends, learn new topics and participate in activities I had never done before.

During my stay at the Oxford Royale Academy, I took the New Perspectives course and did the subjects Mathematics and Economics and Management, as I believed that it would be a chance to reinforce what I had been learning in school. Additionally, I took the workshop in Public Speaking and Debate in an effort to develop my presentation skills and to aid me in managing stage fright. Through those lessons I encountered new topics which strengthened my work in those subjects although they were a bit challenging.

Travelling to a foreign land can be quite nerve-wracking, especially when you are not around people you know like family members. Despite this, the staff working in the programme created a friendly, welcoming atmosphere which allowed us to feel at home. Every day, an effort was made to involve students in activities that would relax them and act as ice-breakers. Students participated in arts and crafts such as tie-dying and making friendship bracelets, as well as sports where games of Frisbee, badminton and football (amongst others) were played. Additionally, students were always encouraged to share their talents. To cater to this, a karaoke session was organised as well as a talent show. Through these activities memories as well as friendships were formed.

Excursions were organised for students to give the opportunity to explore the town of Oxford. Students were at times given ‘free time’ where the adventurous spirit could lead them throughout the town of Oxford as long as they arrived at a specific point punctually.  Students used this as a shopping period. Aside from that, a formal tour was given to students where they were introduced to sites with historical significance or that were used in the production of the ever popular Harry Potter movies. This provided students with another outlet to be taught. Additionally, a field trip was organised for students to visit London specifically the Science Museum and Battery Park. The museum presented the history of space travel as well as various interactive shows and gadgets which aided in understanding principles of physics and chemistry. Finally, a few activities were organised where students were split into groups and given options of joining an activity which peaked their interest. Owing to this I was able to inadvertently revise literature in the form of an interactive play on The Tempest as well as participate in a thrilling lesson on Criminal Scene Investigation. Thus, it can be said that teaching was not limited to the formal classes but was incorporated throughout our journey.

To conclude, my experience at this programme was nothing less than fantastic. I met and befriended people from all over the world and travelled to and explored a new country all while being in a casual school setting. I learnt, discovered and socialised and my summer was well spent.


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