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Student at ORA's Oxford Summer School, 2019

  • Course type

    Course: Broadening Horizons

  • Location

    From: Mali

  • Age

    Age: 17 years old

Highlights from Aiche’s experience

  • Helped her decide to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at university
  • Improved her problem solving, time management and communication skills
  • Met and talked to university representatives from around the world at the University Fair


“Living in such a prestigious and diverse academic setting, even if it was just for two weeks, helped me decide what I wanted to study at university.”

My name is Aïché Danioko and I stayed in the Queen’s College, Oxford during my ORA summer programme. I chose to do the Broadening Horizons programme, and the courses I chose were philosophy, medical biology with the afternoon Global Issues workshop. 

In each of my classes I was assigned two assignments and my workshop consisted of multiple group projects.

I think my favourite group project was in the Global Issues workshop where we had to pretend to be members of the government of an African country in crisis. This experience allowed me to better my problem solving and communication skills. Just like studying global issues, studying philosophy – even in the context of a summer school – was an extremely eye-opening experience as it allowed me to confirm that it was one of the subjects I wanted to study at university. The course gave us a broad overview of what studying Philosophy was like and we were also able to learn about the branches of Philosophy in detail.

All the work was assigned during a manageable time period so that if one was able to properly organise their time, they would also get to enjoy the afternoon activities, which I think is similar to what life is like at university. Of all the afternoon activities that were organised, the most helpful was the university fair. There, I got to hear about many different universities from representatives around the world, the most appealing to me being the University of Bath (in Bath, United Kingdom) and the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada).

Living in such a prestigious and diverse academic setting, even if it was just for two weeks, helped me decide what I wanted to study at university. I now know that I want to study philosophy, politics and economics, so that I can tackle issues that affect my community and contribute to the economic and social development of my country. 

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