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Oxford Royale Academy's 2020


Oxford Royale's Tech and Coding Summer School programmes come full of expert teaching from our experienced faculty,
as well as guidance for those applying to study Computer Science, App Development, Web Coding, Robotics or other tech courses at a higher level.

  Ages 8-12 / 13-15 / 16-18 / 19-25 June - August 2020 Oxford | Cambridge | St Mary's School Ascot
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Welcome to Oxford Royale Academy's Tech and Coding Summer Schools in
Oxford, Cambridge and St Mary's School Ascot

Oxford Royale Academy's Tech and Coding summer school programmes are designed for smart,
engaged students wanting to further their studies in Tech in preparation for a degree or future career.

Tech and Coding Summer Courses with Oxford Royale Academy

Junor student at computer

Coding With Scratch

The ideal summer course for creative young students interested in learning the fundamentals of coding and programming. Students will learn to code in Scratch - the perfect programming language for beginners.

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Students working on laptops in class

Introduction to iOS App Development

This course gives students the chance to design, build and publish their own iOS app and teaches them all about the Application Development Life Cycle.

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Students at computer terminal

iOS App Development

For students wishing to produce their own apps, the iOS App Development Programme introduces a series of key concepts, such as programming, computer science and how to publish their own creations.

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iOS App Programming & Web Development

A course which presents students with an integral understanding of the key features of programming and development, providing an extensive insight into the Tech sector.

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Game Creation

Learn to build games using Construct 2 at our junior summer school. This course covers the basics for beginners learning animations, movements, audio and special effects creation; along with other transferable skills.

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Introduction to Web Coding

Learning about various programming languages, developing websites and problem-solving strategies, the Introduction to Web Coding course provides students with a head start for the Tech industry.

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Student building robot

Introduction to Robotics

This course provides budding programmers with the chance to learn how to code their own robots. Using programming languages and cutting-edge equipment, preparing students for future exploration in robotics.

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Students with built robot

Summer Robotics Programme

The Summer Robotics Programme introduces bright students to the popular and ever changing field of Robotics, including programming, engineering and the development of robots.

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Teaching computer science in class

Introduction to Computer Science

Providing a fascinating introduction to all things Computer Science, this course aims to equip students with skills in basic programming, coding and web design.

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Computer Science Programme

The Computer Science Programme ensures that students become confident in three programming languages, as well as having the opportunity to produce their own website.

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5 reasons to choose an Oxford Royale Tech & Coding Summer School Course

Balliol College Oxford Summer school

Study in a world-famous academic institution

Our Tech and Coding summer courses take place in both stunning colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, as well as the renowned St Mary’s School in Ascot. These beautiful academic institutions make the perfect place for an ORA summer school, enabling students to explore their technological interests in culturally rich and fascinating settings. World-class teaching, intellectually stimulating surroundings and captivating content ensure that pupils will get the most out of ORA’s selection of tech courses.

Person typing on Apple Laptop

Get a head start for a future in technology

The ever changing world of technology is a complex industry and a head start is essential for budding coders, programmers and website developers. All of our tech courses provide crucial skills for a future based in programming and ensure that even our youngest students are given a valuable head start for future study and careers. Through the production of websites, games and programmed robots, students will leave with practical skills and an advanced tech portfolio.

Creating a Robot

Gain hands-on experience in coding, robotics or developing

Across all of our tech courses, students will receive world-class teaching and practical experience of coding, developing or programming. Hands-on experience is essential in the tech sector and a practical comprehension of complex coding and programming techniques ensures that students are equipped with fundamental skills required for the industry. Using a variety of programming languages, software and cutting-edge equipment, pupils have the opportunity to refine their tech skills and leave with a greater understanding of the world of tech.

Hand making notes on paper

Benefit from expert teaching and cutting-edge equipment

Using recently developed software and cutting-edge technology, students on our tech courses are guaranteed to use the most advanced programming tools to improve their skills. For those interested in web coding and design, expert developers provide an insight into the world of the web, whilst our budding coders, game makers and programmers benefit from world-class teaching and practical workshops to produce functional games and robots.

Punting in Cambridge for Summer School

Enjoy an ORA summer

A summer with ORA is an unforgettable experience, intended to create lifelong friendships between academically-motivated and culturally enriched individuals. The chance for students to socialise with pupils on other courses is important and achieved through a series of excursions, workshops and parties on campus. While academia is at the core of ORA’s courses, we believe it is important to provide a culturally enriched experience and as such, to ensure a rounded and relaxing experience during the summer, we offer a variety of extraordinary opportunities to complement the academic curriculum, including dance lessons, safari park visits, castle excursions and sports events.


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