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Why choose an ORA English summer course?


Overcome the challenges of mastering English

Each year, students from dozens of nationalities flock to Oxford Royale Summer Schools to take our English as a Foreign Language (EFL) courses, immersing themselves in our unique educational environment and taking their grasp of English to new heights. Many students find that English can be a complex language to learn, with many bizarre idioms, exceptions to rules and unexpected pronunciations. Its idiosyncrasies mean that it can be difficult to get your knowledge of English beyond a basic level to a stage at which it becomes useful in either a general or academic setting. Our EFL courses are designed to provide an intensive yet enjoyable learning environment for students keen to progress their English skills, allowing them to tackle this challenging language in the company of like-minded students who are committed to improving their knowledge.

Benefits of our EFL courses

The benefits of choosing to take an EFL course are numerous, and these benefits will stay with you throughout your academic life and beyond. Oxford Royale Summer Schools EFL courses provide a particularly advantageous environment in which to develop your English skills, as they are set in the scholarly surroundings of the University of Oxford – home to true masters of the English language.

Some of the reasons for which students choose to take our EFL course include:

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Explore our EFL courses

Junior English Programme

An engaging and fun residential course to help students aged 8 to 12 improve their English skills.

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Oxford Summer English (ages 13-15)

This programme helps students learn English and develop their ability to communicate with people from different cultures and countries.

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Oxford Summer English (ages 16-18)

An immersive summer programme that promotes a thorough and coherent multi-cultural approach to English language learning.

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IELTS Preparation (ages 16-18)

On this course, students aged 16 to 18 will improve their existing English skills in preparation for the IELTS examination.

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General English
(ages 19-25)

This course helps students make rapid progress at improving their speaking, writing, listening and reading skills in English, for use in a variety of contexts.

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EFL and cultural activities

The activities and excursions that ORA offers are particularly helpful for EFL students. It’s not just about having a good time (though that’s a big part of it!) — it’s about learning and practising the use of English while having a good time. There’s no better way to make newly acquired vocabulary and ideas stick than by using them when having fun with friends.

Trip to London: The exciting and vibrant capital city is a great place to practise English; whether that’s in exploring the wonderful museums or doing some shopping, you’ll get to try out your English language skills in real situations outside the classroom. In the evening, you can enjoy your new language acquisition by going to see one of London’s ever-popular musicals.

Talent Shows: If you’re a confident performer, this is one way to test your English skills by diving in at the deep end! You could try singing in English, performing a play in English, or — if you’re very brave — performing stand-up comedy in English. It might seem scary, but after getting up on stage and performing in a second language, day-to-day communication in English will never frighten you again.

Transferable life skills

Attendees on ORA's summer English programmes are encouraged to work on important key skills during their time with ORA. We believe that the experience of being away from home, living and studying in a college of the University of Oxford, enables our students to develop a suite of transferable skills that go beyond those available to students in their own school environment. Vital for future success in any career, these skills include:

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