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Arts Summer School in St Andrews

Arts Summer School in St Andrews

Scotland is the perfect destination in which to explore artistic traditions, both old and new. From fashion to film, painting to photography, whatever aspect of the Arts you’re interested in, it’s likely you’ll find inspiration here.

Study Arts in a beautiful and inspiring setting

St Andrews is a stunning setting in which to study any field, but its natural and architectural beauty particularly lends itself to the study of the Arts. As a student here, you’ll live and learn in the surroundings of the medieval University of St Andrews, with its towers and grand halls making you feel like you’re studying in Hogwarts, or like you’ve stepped back in time. The gothic ruins of St Andrews Cathedral lend themselves perfectly to photography, or to being the setting of a short story.

The natural environment around St Andrews is also inspiring for artists. Near the town there are miles of unspoiled beaches, where the waves crash against the shore, and further away there are forests and nature reserves where you can see native species such as red squirrels and deer. It’s enough to make anyone want to get their sketchbook out.

Arts courses in St Andrews

Our creative and highly interactive teaching helps students engage with their subject of choice, exercises their imagination and gives them the confidence to explore their interests further – whether that’s art, theatre, film or creative writing, to name a few.

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Learn in an inspiring international environment

Students of 150 different nationalities join Oxford Royale Academy every year, not merely to learn from our expert teaching faculty but also to benefit from time spent in a fascinating, diverse environment.

With Oxford Royale Academy, you’ll be studying alongside fellow students from all over the world, which can be a great source of inspiration as you share ideas. Different cultures can have significantly different perspectives on the arts; sharing these with your fellow students, and comparing and contrasting your views, can enhance your understanding in ways you might never have expected. In this way, students learn from one another, not just their teacher.

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 Spark your creativity alongside like-minded students

Many students’ experience of Arts in their daily lives is that they are treated as a hobby, or an extracurricular activity, and not a priority for their time.

While you’re studying with Oxford Royale Academy, you can focus on your passion for the Arts for the duration of your time at summer school.

What’s more, you’ll be studying alongside peers who share your enthusiasm, helping you to work hard and achieve your goals. We know how beneficial feedback and constructive criticism from your peers can be in the Arts, so students are encouraged to support each other and help one another improve in a positive manner. 

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Expand your horizons with activities and excursions

St Andrews is perfectly located for a host of activities and excursions that will enhance your studies.

Whether it’s trips into Edinburgh to see amazing shows live on stage, excursions to visit local attractions, or simply the chance to play a round of golf on the historic St Andrews Links, there’s plenty to do when you’re not in the classroom, and many of these activities will also be to the benefit of your studies in the Arts, giving you new ideas and inspiration to draw on.

What’s more, if you’re considering living or studying in Scotland in future, you’ll get the chance to practise your English more widely, and to get to know the local culture.  


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Get support with your university applications

If you do decide you’d like to study in Scotland, or elsewhere in the UK, then our expert teaching staff and counsellors can help to support you with your university applications.

This can include how to navigate British university applications, if you’re used to a different system, or guidance on which university or course might be right for you. The discussions you have on our programmes can also provide valuable material for future university interviews, or for inclusion in your personal statement, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

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Learn more about careers in the Arts

Making a career in the Arts is famously competitive and challenging, especially outside of certain industries or leading cities. However, if you’ve set your heart on an artistic career, there’s no need to be disheartened.

At our summer school in St Andrews, you’ll find out all about the careers that are available to you in whatever branch of the Arts interests you most, and what you’ll need – whether that’s internships, qualifications, a great portfolio or just sheer determination – in order to achieve them.

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Scholarship Student Ellie next to Rad Cam

The counsellors were extremely friendly and were always keen to join in with the activities. Their approachable manner meant that if anyone ever did have a problem, they always had someone to confide in.

- Ellie, Wales

“One benefit of a programme of this kind is the diversity and the fact that the students came from many different countries. In my opinion, that made discussions and debates more dynamic, as it wasn’t biased and we almost always saw multiple sides to the same story.”

- Danae, Trinidad and Tobago

Tamas, an ORA alumni success story, smiling with his arms folded

“I attended Oxford Royale Academy, where I was inspired by guest speaker Ivan Beckley on the subject of good old-fashioned hard work being the catalyst for achieving goals.”

- Tamas, Hungary

Student reading from a script outside in the sunshine

I have gained more knowledge, and can therefore make more of an impact on the world. I think that my future goals have become clearer as I have explored options at ORA.

- Nia, Belize

“I got to see the world through the eyes of multiple people, cultures and religions.”

- Nadia, South Africa

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