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Oxford – Enrichment Activities

Throughout students' time on the Oxford Summer School, they will enjoy a wide range of enrichment activities and events to further their academic studies and cultural experiences.
Please note that these are example enrichment activities, which may change from year to year and vary according to age group.

Chaos Coding

Those opting to learn more about the technological world of coding and programming have the chance to create games with Chaos Coding. Using Micro:bit, a game-making software, students learn the complex skills of coding in a simple and fun format, ultimately producing their own functioning games.

Happening History

History is brought to life with the Happening History Masterclass. The historical period and focus vary per session, but each workshop fundamentally provides an interactive and educational insight into life in the past. From food and medicine to weapons and armour, the class ensures a fun and fascinating space to explore history.

Stage Combat

Learning how to choreograph and participate in faux combat for performing on the stage is exactly what this Masterclass aims to teach. A professional instructor ensures that safety is the highest priority and that students do not suffer any injuries during the fake fights they perform. With expert tuition and practice, pupils learn how to realistically perform stage combat and have an amusing time engaging in faux skirmishes with their friends.


Learning about exotic animals from all over the world has never been so much fun! Snakes, lizards, insects and more are invited into the colleges to be handled by the students, under the careful observation of the Zoolab team. Alongside the opportunity to hold such fascinating creatures, an informative talk teaches the pupils about the habitat, diet and lifestyle of the animals, providing a rounded and interactive educational enrichment Masterclass.

Sample Timetable

All academic lessons are supplemented with a wide range of enrichment and leisure activities to further students' educational and cultural experiences during their time with Oxford Royale Academy. View our interactive timetables by clicking on the thumbnail below to learn more about what's included in an ORA summer programme.