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Tech and Coding Summer School in London

Tech and Coding Summer School in London

Join Oxford Royale Academy to study the world of tech and coding in the perfect setting: the fast-moving, high-tech city of London.

Explore tech with peers from all over the world in London

Take inspiration from the bustling, global city of London and develop up-to-the-minute skills that will prove invaluable for your future studies and your career.

Tech and coding affect every aspect of our lives, from where we live, to what we eat, to how we earn money, to how we communicate with each other. At Oxford Royale Academy, you’ll learn not just the theory behind tech and coding, and not only the practical skills needed to work in these fields, but you’ll also consider the role that tech plays in our society, and whether you think that role should change. 

What’s more, you’ll be able to consider these questions alongside fellow students from all over the world. Students of 150 different nationalities are represented on our courses, bringing diverse perspectives to share in class. Tech crosses borders and brings us closer together, and so do our programmes, enabling you to understand more about how tech functions internationally, in different countries and in different cultures. 

Tech and coding courses in London

At Oxford Royale Academy’s Tech and Coding Summer School in London, you can get to grips with the amazing world of tech, from the principles that underpin it, to practical skills such as writing your own code and building your own robot.

Develop skills for the modern world

The first 20 years of the 21st century have shown the importance of developing skills in tech and coding for career success.

Maybe you’re looking to work in tech long-term, and learning how to code is the first step towards becoming a programmer. But this doesn’t have to be the case for tech skills to be valuable. There’s no such thing as a tech-free job any more, so understanding the technology that you’re using makes you an asset to any company.

With Oxford Royale Academy, you can take the first steps towards developing this understanding.

Get to know a field that affects our daily lives and long-term futures

Tech affects all of us every day, and it’s quite possible that the career you have in the future will be determined by technology that hasn’t even been developed yet. Yet many people use technology without much understanding of the programming that underpins it, its potential and its limitations.

By studying tech and coding with Oxford Royale Academy, you can get to grips not only with the impact of tech on the world today, but with what might be possible in the future, for instance through new and developing technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

Learn from practical, hands-on lessons

The focus of all of our tech and coding courses in London is not on the theory behind tech, nor on its potential impacts on society, though these are important too.

Instead, what we focus on is the hands-on, practical aspects of tech and coding, from building your own robots, to writing your own app, to creating your own interactive website. This keeps lessons exciting and provides a source of motivation, as you can see for yourself the outcome of all your hard work.

Enjoy excursions and extracurricular activities

It’s important to us at Oxford Royale Academy that you enjoy your time with us as a holiday, as well as a boost to your studies. So all our programmes include an action-packed calendar of activities, excursions, extracurricular activities, parties and more.

You might have the opportunity to go for a traditional afternoon tea, to tour landmarks such as the London Eye or the Houses of Parliament, to learn fencing or archery, to visit the London Zoo or Buckingham Palace, and to get out of the city to see famous historical sites such as Stonehenge or the Roman ruins in Bath.

While the exact activities vary depending on which programme you choose, you can be sure that there’ll be plenty of fun things to do in your free time.

Students walking across London Bridge

Get a taster of life as a student in London

Are you considering studying in London as an undergraduate?

Our tech and coding programmes in London can help you work out whether the city’s outstanding universities are right for you. Many students love the idea of studying somewhere as bustling and intense as London; others find it overwhelming.

Studying here with Oxford Royale Academy, living and learning like a London undergraduate, can clarify which is the case for you. And if you decide that you do want to study here, our expert teachers can support you in choosing your university and writing your application.

Discover Imperial College London

Established by royal charter in 1907, prestigious Imperial College London ranks in the world’s top 10 universities. Focusing specifically on science, engineering, medicine, and business, the university cultivates excellence through its world-class teaching and research.

With 140 different countries represented on campus, it’s a truly multicultural and vibrant place to be. And you’ll be in good company: its students, staff and researcher affiliations include 14 Nobel laureates as well as 74 Fellows of the Royal Society.

Imperial College London’s enviable location in South Kensington gives you the best of everything London has to offer. The Natural History and Victoria and Albert museums, the English National Ballet, and the Royal Albert Hall are right on your doorstep, as well as the green open spaces of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

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student portrait on grass

“ORA summer school was about learning and working hard, but it meant so much more. The people you knew there were special; the friends we made were special.”

- Sofia, Cuba

Student portrait of smiling girl

“I learnt a lot from my academic immersion at ORA, not just about the topics of my selected courses, but also how to organise and express my thoughts in the most effective way.”

- Livia, Italy

“Living in such a prestigious and diverse academic setting, even if it was just for two weeks, helped me decide what I wanted to study at university.”

- Aiche, Mali

“I got to see the world through the eyes of multiple people, cultures and religions.”

- Nadia, South Africa

Student in Oxford

“My two weeks with ORA were full of learning and challenging myself, gaining new experiences and forming friendships with wonderful people from around the world. Definitely two weeks I will remember forever!”

- Joy, Lesotho

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Study in confidence