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Social Sciences Summer School in London

Social Sciences Summer School in London

The study of social sciences helps us to understand how people work, and how they operate in society. In the diverse and dynamic city of London, you can see many of the theories of social science play out in front of you, making it a fascinating and enriching place to study this field.

Study how society functions alongside students from all over the world

At Oxford Royale Academy, you will study alongside students of 150 different nationalities, and if you study with us in London, you’ll be in a city that’s even more remarkable for its diversity. In the study of social science, this is incredibly beneficial.

So often, when you study social science, you focus on just one society – the one you live in – while any other society exists as a remote case study. That’s not the case when you study with Oxford Royale Academy, because you’ll have the experiences and perspectives of all of your fellow students to draw on.

Social Science courses in London

Study social sciences with Oxford Royale Academy and learn through the eyes of over 150 nationalities. You’ll utilise the experiences and perspectives of your fellow students, just as they will draw on the unique background that you bring with you as well. Throughout the course you will see how social sciences work in different countries and cultures within those countries, giving you an insider view that’s impossible to acquire through theoretical study alone.

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Develop key skills for the study of social sciences

The study of social science brings with it a wealth of transferable skills that will be useful to you throughout your academic career and beyond. Social sciences are scientific, so you’ll learn skills and techniques such as how to analyse data effectively, how to read and produce a chart, and how to conduct an experiment. At the same time, you’ll practise skills more usually associated with the humanities, such as how to present a rational argument, and how to engage in discussion with views that are different from your own.

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Learn in a lively, interactive classroom environment

At Oxford Royale Academy, all our teaching staff are trained in interactive teaching techniques to produce a classroom environment that’s stimulating and fun for all students, regardless of their pre-existing knowledge of the topic or their educational background. Use of discussion and debate to clarify questions gives students the opportunity to learn from one another (and one another’s experiences), ensuring that every student feels valued for their contribution. Our teachers also make sure to vary their approach so that whatever your learning style, you’ll be included and interested in the lesson. That includes plenty of opportunities for hands-on, practical learning that brings your subject to life.

Imperial College in the evening

Discover Imperial College London

Established by royal charter in 1907, prestigious Imperial College London ranks in the world’s top 10 universities. Focusing specifically on science, engineering, medicine, and business, the university cultivates excellence through its world-class teaching and research.

Imperial College London’s enviable location in South Kensington gives you the best of everything London has to offer. The Natural History and Victoria and Albert museums, the English National Ballet, and the Royal Albert Hall are right on your doorstep, as well as the green open spaces of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

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Get a head start towards your future career

Studying the social sciences can lead to some competitive and lucrative careers; for instance, many strategy consultants are graduates of the social sciences. Joining our summer school gives you a valuable head start towards those exciting future careers, as our teachers can support you on working out a path towards your dream job, including giving you advice on your choice of university, your application and your interview technique. You can work out your strengths and weaknesses in this field, and discover the next steps to take in order to stand out from your peers.

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Improve your understanding of the world around you

If you want to better understand the society you live in, whether that’s how political decisions affect your shopping habits, how the built environment contributes to crime rates, or which of its traits are shared by every human society, you need to study social sciences. The subjects in this field of study can feel like unlocking society’s cheat codes, revealing the hidden levers that drive so many of our actions. It’s this that makes the study of social sciences so fascinating and so rewarding, and also means that the understanding of the world you gain from social sciences is also widely transferable to different fields.

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Form lasting friendships

We know that our students join us not only for the benefit of their education, but also to enjoy their summer holidays – and an important part of that is the opportunity to make new friends, often with people from the other side of the globe who you would never otherwise have met. While icebreaker activities, extracurriculars and free time to explore London all provide opportunities to get to know people better, what really brings Oxford Royale Academy students together is their shared enthusiasm for making the most of their time at summer school. Many of our students stay in touch with the friends they made at summer school for years and years to come.

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“Thanks to Oxford Royale Academy, I now have the necessary tools to take on all future obstacles.”

- Cyrian, Benin

“One benefit of a programme of this kind is the diversity and the fact that the students came from many different countries. In my opinion, that made discussions and debates more dynamic, as it wasn’t biased and we almost always saw multiple sides to the same story.”

- Danae, Trinidad and Tobago

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I have gained more knowledge, and can therefore make more of an impact on the world. I think that my future goals have become clearer as I have explored options at ORA.

- Nia, Belize

Tamas, an ORA alumni success story, smiling with his arms folded

“I attended Oxford Royale Academy, where I was inspired by guest speaker Ivan Beckley on the subject of good old-fashioned hard work being the catalyst for achieving goals.”

- Tamas, Hungary

“I got to see the world through the eyes of multiple people, cultures and religions.”

- Nadia, South Africa

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