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Juniors – Enrichment Activities

Throughout students' time on the Junior Summer School, they will enjoy a wide range of enrichment activities and events to further their academic studies and cultural experiences.
Please note that these are example enrichment activities, which may change from year to year and vary according to age group and locations.

Science in Schools

Exciting and explosive demonstrations are designed to reveal the remarkable power of science to students, featuring an incredible audience interaction element. From discovering the energy in food through dazzling experiments to investigating the history of electricity with sparky demonstrations, Science in Schools shows consistently amaze and provide an exceptional and inclusive educational experience.

Explorer Dome

The hypnotic power of light, the eccentricity of sound and the wonders of space are all explored through the themed Explorer Dome workshops. Students are introduced to the marvellous properties of sound and light through interactive activities and mesmerising demonstrations. Depending on the type of workshop running, astronomy and the solar system can also be explored, whizzing pupils to another dimension of bright stars and fascinating planets.

Chango lingo Drumming

An introduction into the rhythmic world of drumming is provided by the wonderful Chango lingo workshops. Encouraging creativity, the workshops present students with a fun environment in which to express themselves without limits, with drumming lessons designed for both musicians and non-musicians.

Cake Decorating and Sports

Students at St Mary’s Ascot have the opportunity to participate in Cake Decorating and Sports activities throughout their stay. Colourful sprinkles, delicious icing and a dash of imagination ensure that crafty students can create beautifully designed cupcakes. Swimming time and counsellor-led sports activities also create fun and dynamic spaces for students to release energy and gain some exercise during their stay.

Sample Timetable

All academic lessons are supplemented with a wide range of enrichment and leisure activities to further students' educational and cultural experiences during their time with Oxford Royale Academy. View our interactive timetables by clicking on the thumbnail below to learn more about what's included in an ORA summer programme.