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Politics and Leadership Summer School in Cambridge

Politics and Leadership Summer School in Cambridge

Both the city and University of Cambridge have a long tradition of politics and activism.

Learn about Politics and Leadership in a diverse classroom

From taking the side of Parliament in the English Civil War, against the king, to the Communist flag that still hangs in the student bar in King’s College, political thought is everywhere in Cambridge, and that makes it the perfect place to study Politics and Leadership with Oxford Royale Academy.

Students of more than 150 different nationalities study with Oxford Royale Academy every summer, and if you’re studying Politics and Leadership, this diversity is especially valuable. Rather than discussing different policies or systems of government in the abstract, you can ask your fellow students what it’s like to live under a monarchy or an emerging democracy in real life. You’ll encounter perspectives that you might otherwise never have heard. In the context of Leadership, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn what type of leaders are valued in different countries, what kind of leader different cultures traditionally admire, and how to lead a group of people from different national, cultural or religious backgrounds – all skills that are only becoming more vital in the modern world.

Politics and Leadership courses in Cambridge

At our Cambridge summer school, you will learn about inspiring political leaders while developing your own leadership skills. You’ll discuss topical issues, engage in ethical debates and become more engaged with the world around you, to become the kind of leader that the 21st century world needs.

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Benefit from expert teaching in Politics and Leadership

Oxford Royale Academy’s teaching faculty are highly qualified and experienced, many of them graduates of the UK’s top universities. We train all our teachers in the latest techniques in interactive learning, and in how to use differentiation techniques to make sure all students are fully involved, regardless of what they’ve studied in the past, where they’re from, or their level of knowledge of the topic. Our teachers are also careful to vary their approaches in the classroom so that students with different learning styles are equally engaged and enthused by the subject they’re learning. The subjects of Politics and Leadership have the potential to be contentious, but our teachers make sure all students feel respected and able to learn.

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Gain practical skills alongside academic study

Politics and Leadership aren’t just about studying theory; both the world of politics and leadership in other fields, such as business, require practical skills. For a politician, being able to chair a meeting, handle a microphone or deliver a speech can be just as important as their grasp of policy. That’s why when you study Politics and Leadership with Oxford Royale Academy, we’ll equip you with practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge, such as how to structure an argument, and how to excel at public speaking. Whatever path you end up following, you’re sure to find these skills useful in your future career.

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Learn from international perspectives

At a time of increasing globalisation, it’s important for politicians and other leaders to understand how leadership differs between cultures, and respond accordingly. In some countries, a good leader is someone who is close to the people they’re leading, who often asks for advice, and who admits their mistakes. But in other parts of the world, an ideal leader is someone to look up to, who has overcome their flaws, and who trusts their own judgment rather than relying on others. How can you lead a business that spans both types, or head up an NGO where you’ll be dealing with politicians from both backgrounds? If you study with Oxford Royale Academy, you can get closer to answering these questions. With 150 different nationalities represented at our summer school, your learning will be enriched by diverse international perspectives.

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Follow an inspiring university tradition

A core tradition of the University of Cambridge is learning through discussion and debate. Students at the university attend a weekly seminar, where they have to defend their ideas in front of their peers and leading scholars in their field. At Oxford Royale Academy, we’ve taken inspiration from that tradition, and encourage students to share and debate ideas in class. In the context of Politics and Leadership, this is particularly important, since so much of these subjects is about being able to present an idea effectively, and being able to respond when it is debated.

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Get career guidance in this competitive field

In both Politics and Leadership more generally, establishing a career is challenging. Leadership roles in politics and industry are few and far between, and competition for them can be fierce, whether that’s working your way up to the top in a FTSE 100 company, or being selected and then winning an election as an MP (or your country’s equivalent). Our teachers can advise you on the steps you can take – even while you’re still at school – to set you on a path towards becoming a leader of the future.

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“This is exactly what it means to be a part of a big international family. ORA is a place where everyone cares for you and everyone is ready to help you.”

- Serly, Armenia

“It can be said that the teaching was not limited to the formal classes, but was incorporated throughout our journey.”

- Ariel, St Lucia

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The counsellors were extremely friendly and were always keen to join in with the activities. Their approachable manner meant that if anyone ever did have a problem, they always had someone to confide in.

- Ellie, Wales

“This was one of the best academic experiences in my life.”

- Dennis, Sierra Leone

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