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Engineering Summer School in Cambridge

Engineering Summer School in Cambridge

Would you like to harness cutting-edge science and mathematics to solve interesting problems and create brand-new designs that will make the lives of ordinary people easier and better? If so, look to the future and study Engineering in Cambridge with Oxford Royale Academy.

Creative solutions to technical problems

Engineering is vitally important, challenging and exciting. Engineers bring ideas to life and make things happen. They find ways to use the world’s natural resources more effectively, they build spaceships and aeroplanes and robots, and they make artificial limbs and smartphones possible.

Finding Engineering inspiration in captivating Cambridge is easy. Discover its awe-inspiring Gothic architecture and marvel at the ‘Mathematical Bridge’ with its complex design that is rumoured to use no nuts or bolts to hold itself together. As you punt along the River Cam, see the Bridge of Sighs, Queen Victoria’s favourite spot in Cambridge. Soak up the city’s deeply academic atmosphere whilst contemplating the whys and hows of the modern world. 

Engineering courses in Cambridge

There are a multitude of different areas of Engineering – structural, chemical, aeronautical, civil, mechanical and electrical – meaning that the career options are endless. If you like designing and building and repairing, and enjoy figuring out how things work and how they could work better, Engineering is ideal for you.

Punting along the River Cam in Cambridge

A charming city

Explore charming Cambridge and its vibrant streets that are alive with quaint cafés and independent shops, and lose yourself in bustling Market Square with its craft stalls and delicious food to try.

Wander its beautiful botanical gardens, and do as the locals do and go punting along the river that cuts the city in two. Make a beeline for the world-famous King’s College Chapel and experience the city’s world-renowned museums, art galleries and theatre.

Student at Cambridge summer school

Get a head start 

If you pursue a career in Engineering, your skills will always be in demand, no matter where in the world you choose to live. Engineering is a multi-disciplinary field, meaning that there is a multitude of different career options (arising from the various different branches of Engineering) to be considered. 

ORA’s expert teachers, with their own personal Engineering career experiences, will help you to make the right choice for you, ensuring you choose the branch of Engineering that is most suited to your interests and goals. They’ll also guide you through the university application process, providing you with practical advice and tips as well as the low down on the best universities for your chosen branch.

Students aged 13-15 at Cambridge Summer School

Exciting excursions

First-class learning experiences are at the heart of everything we do at ORA, but we also think it’s important for you to have fun on your summer holidays and maximise the opportunity to explore somewhere brand-new!

As part of our Engineering in Cambridge programme, you’ll enjoy an action-packed schedule of exciting outings and activities. You’ll visit popular tourist attractions (in both Cambridge as well as the rest of the country) whilst also discovering hidden gems with native English speaking locals. You might explore historical sights such as Hampton Court, one of Henry VIII’s favourite palaces, or the original home of the RAF, where the famous spitfires first took to the skies. Or get up close and personal with exotic animals at a safari park, or watch an acclaimed West End show in glitzy London.

Cambridge students

Make global friends

We’re proud to have students on our summer courses from over 150 different countries, giving you the unique opportunity to make friends with, and learn from, individuals from around the world.

If you’re looking to progress in your English language skills, practice makes perfect. You’ll have ample opportunities to interact with native speakers in a truly immersive setting – both in the classroom as well as in real-life scenarios such as ordering in restaurants and asking for directions.

girl looking at Mac wearing headphones while smiling

Stay connected

Every year, we welcome some of the brightest young minds from all over the world to our courses. Many students go on to achieve great success academically and professionally, and we love hearing all about it.

It isn’t all over when you graduate! Stay connected via The ORA Hub, an interactive online platform exclusively for ORA summer school alumni. Stay in touch with all the friends you’ve made, chat on our forums, and view all the photos from your stay. And find out first when we launch new courses and locations!

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student portrait on grass

“ORA summer school was about learning and working hard, but it meant so much more. The people you knew there were special; the friends we made were special.”

- Sofia, Cuba

Girl with her graduation scroll

“This is exactly what it means to be a part of a big international family. ORA is a place where everyone cares for you and everyone is ready to help you.”

- Serly, Armenia

Student portrait of girl with Oxford building in background

“The two weeks I spent at ORA were a whirlwind of exciting activities, intense learning and unforgettable experiences!”

- Oshea, Sri Lanka

Carolina at her graduation smiling whilst talking to two other women

“I found the ORA gap year course online, saved the link as ‘life saving course.’ What I needed the most was help with my UCAS application, but I also wanted to challenge myself intellectually and learn new things.”

- Carolina, Qatar

student at yarnton manor

“Oxford Royale Academy creates a small family-like community that makes everyone feel welcome and cared for. All in all, my experience at ORA is something that I will always remember and be grateful for.”

- Wisam, Sudan

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