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Enrichment Activities in Ascot

Enrichment Activities in Ascot

Students attending our Ascot Summer School enjoy a wide range of cultural enrichment activities and events to further their academic studies. Please note that these are example enrichment activities, which may change from year to year and vary according to age group.

An authentic British boarding school experience

ORA’s action-packed enrichment programme is aimed at developing students outside of the classroom, giving them an early start and exposing them to new ideas and approaches that will help them in all future pursuits at school, university and beyond.

Science experiment at school

Science in Schools

Exciting and explosive demonstrations are designed to reveal the remarkable power of science to students, featuring an incredible audience interaction element.

From discovering the energy in food through dazzling experiments to investigating the history of electricity with sparky demonstrations, Science in Schools shows consistently amaze and provide an exceptional and inclusive educational experience.

Explorer dome science experiment at school

Explorer Dome

The hypnotic power of light, the eccentricity of sound and the wonders of space are all explored through the themed Explorer Dome workshops.

Students are introduced to the marvellous properties of sound and light through interactive activities and mesmerising demonstrations.

Depending on the type of workshop running, astronomy and the solar system can also be explored, whizzing pupils to another dimension of bright stars and fascinating planets.


Rhythmic Drumming

An introduction into the rhythmic world of drumming is provided in exciting interactive workshops.

Encouraging creativity, the workshops present students with a fun environment in which to express themselves without limits, with drumming lessons designed for both musicians and non-musicians.

Children aged 8-12 playing sports

Fun and fitness through sports

Utilising St Mary’s state-of-the-art sports and leisure facilities, students will be encouraged to participate in various different sports during their stay, with expert coaching to help improve their performance – important for students’ fitness and health, and also lots of fun!

Sports offered at St Mary’s include football, basketball, swimming, cricket, tennis, and dance, as well as various team-building games.



The Legoland Resort at Windsor is an exciting attraction for young children.

Based entirely on the popular Danish building toy, this theme park hosts a number of thrilling rides and activities. This includes 12 different Lego themed worlds within the resort, as well as splash areas, educational centres and Lego shops to buy exclusive Lego toys and products.

boy at kidzaniar in london


Experience a number of real-life and entertaining skills at the Kidzania park in London.

At this venue, students will be able to take part in a choice of ‘jobs’ which will help them to experience what it’s like to have a career, as well as earn fake money to spend as they please. This forms a fun and educational way to teach children key life skills in an interactive, entertaining and safe environment.

monkey at zoo

London Zoo

As the world’s oldest scientific zoo, the famous London Zoo keeps an exciting number of exotic animals to amaze visitors. A range of lions, tigers, reptiles, insects, monkeys and more all live in specially built exhibits.

Students will enjoy the opportunity to see these magnificent animals like they have never seen them before, alongside learning crucial information about their lifestyles.

Windsor castle gardens

Windsor Castle

Founded in the 11th century, Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world. It is the weekend home of the Queen of England but is open to the public year round.

Wander through the many State Rooms, examine the wondrous paintings and art objects on display and watch the fascinating Change of the Guard. Finally, enter the stunning St George’s Chapel to admire the finest example of Gothic architecture in England.

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