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Summer Courses for Ages 16-18

Summer Courses for Ages 16-18

Choose from the historic university cities of Oxford and Cambridge, cosmopolitan London, Yale in the United States, or Scotland’s oldest, most historic university, St Andrews.

Fuel your future and achieve your ambitions in Summer 2020

ORA’s summer courses for ages 16-18 take place in top university settings across the UK and USA, providing a taste of university life along with expert tutoring from our outstanding academic faculty. If you’re aged between 16-18 and looking for a summer course to help you prepare for exams, university or careers, and wish to boost your knowledge or test out new subjects, then an ORA summer course is the perfect choice for you.

The way you’ll learn will be anything but traditional. Anticipate interactive classes, lively debates with a truly global mix of peers, hands-on workshops and inspiring guest speeches from experts at the cutting edge of their fields. Expect tangible results and clear guidance for the future, enabling you to maximise your chances of success in academia and beyond.

Get set for university and careers with an ORA summer course

Experience world-class education

Choose from over 100 course options

With over 100 courses available, choose a specific subject such as Medicine, Law or Engineering, or build your own programme by combining a range of options on our Broadening Horizons programme.

Locations for ages 16-18

Students aged 16-18 years have a range of locations to choose from: Oxford, Cambridge, London and St Andrews in the UK, and Yale in the USA. ORA is proud to provide the opportunity for students to gain a glimpse of undergraduate life on the campuses of world-renowned universities. 

Students can choose a single location, or select multiple sessions in different cities (and even countries!) to increase their breadth of campus experiences.

Whether you want to boost your knowledge in a specific subject field for upcoming exams, prepare for university or even a future career, we have the perfect course and location for you.


A girl reads an ORA textbook on the grass outside college, with a small group chatting behind her

A summer course to suit every goal

With subjects ranging from Archaeology to Zoology, students can choose the perfect course to suit their goals, whether they are looking for a boost for upcoming exams or to experience something new in preparation for university or a future career.

On all of our courses, our expert teachers are passionate about providing the highest possible quality of education to help our students reach their full potential.

The grassy quad of University College, Oxford, in the summer sunshine

Experience life in the world's most inspirational universities and cities

Our summer schools for ages 16-18 offer students the chance to experience life in some of the most prestigious academic cities and institutions around the globe, from Oxford and Cambridge in the UK to Yale in the United States.

Having experienced academic life in these inspiring institutions, our students leave our summer schools with an enhanced perspective on their future goals and an understanding of the pathway required to achieve them.

students debating on stage at sheldonian theatre

Discover your future and fuel your passions

Our programmes for ages 16-18 are ideal for students who are considering their next move and are keen to get ahead. You might be preparing for a specific university undergraduate course, or you may be unsure about what you’d like to study and interested in exploring different options.

With a huge range of courses to choose from, pursue a passion or try something brand new that will tangibly benefit your future.

The dining hall of Clare College Cambridge during a formal dinner, viewed from the balcony

A true taste of university life

Whichever location you choose, you’ll be truly immersed in a new culture, whether it’s the academic prestige of Oxford or Cambridge, the non-stop cosmopolitan thrill of London, a taste of American college life in Yale, artistic Bologna or quirky Scotland’s St Andrews with its famous royal connections.

Through organised activities and excursions, you will discover more about your locations and about famous sites further afield, such as London (UK courses), or New York (Yale).

What will you discover this summer?

A group of ORA students listen during a guest speech

Become a part of ORA's global network

In 2019, ORA students represented over 150 nations worldwide, constituting our most diverse student body to date. The international mix of attendees on our courses gives our students global perspective, enabling a type of learning inaccessible elsewhere through interaction with a truly global peer-group.

Many students make friends for life on our programmes, maintaining connections throughout university and into subsequent careers.

Student portrait of girl

“The Great Debate between Queen’s College and St Catherine’s was probably my favourite event due to the interesting topic that was discussed and the eager young minds who made it their mission to prove that their arguments were genuine and valuable.”

- Ema, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Girl with her graduation scroll

“This is exactly what it means to be a part of a big international family. ORA is a place where everyone cares for you and everyone is ready to help you.”

- Serly, Armenia