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Alumni Success

Our Summer Schools bring some of the brightest and best young minds from across the world together. Unsuprisingly, many of our former students have gone on to achieve great success - academically and beyond. We love hearing success stories from our brilliant ORA students, past and present.

Submit your own success stories by contacting us and completing the Alumni Success Form.

Nosher, Aymun & Musa - PAK Care Foundation and The Wall of Kindness

"This summer while attending ORA, three young Pakistani, Aymun Imran, Musa Ashar and Nosher Ali Khan Zapoh, met in restaurant in Oxford. Over their lunch, their conversations quickly evolved from small talk to how they could contribute to a better Pakistan? That was when the idea of forming a NGO sprang up. After graduating and returning back to Pakistan their idea of an NGO became a reality as they founded PAK Care Foundation. As soon as people got to know about their idea of empowering young people via education, more and more concerned fellows joined them on their mission of creating an educated and evolved Pakistan. One of the ORA Scholars, Nosher Khan, travelled to the remote valley of Hunza amongst the Himalaya and built a wall of kindness. It is the first Wall Of Kindness in Hunza, and it is also the first of its kind in the world with a section reserved for books. The central idea behind this Wall of Kindness is to appreciate and promote the idea of sharing in the community of Hunza. Even though Hunza has developed significantly over the past few decades, there still are a few under-privileged people who often are not comfortable with the idea of asking for help. It is hoped that this Wall of Kindness will aid such people. People who have extra clothes and books can leave them in their designated spots on the wall, while those in need can take them away. No questions will be asked. This Wall of Kindness not only helped a few underprivileged people but actually inspired many other people to build such walls so that everyone, everywhere has access to clothes and, more importantly, books.” – Nosher Ali Khan Zapoh

Usama, (Broadening Horizons)

“I received a full scholarship to attend the 2012 Broadening Horizons course and it was perhaps the most enriching part of my high school years, which culminated with highest honors and leading the student body as Head Boy. I shall now be attending the top-ranked university in the US, Princeton University, for my undergraduate with an all-expenses-paid full scholarship that even covers round-trip air tickets. I also had to turn down similar offers from Yale, Vanderbilt, NYU Shanghai, UCL and King’s College. Alongside academics, I lead Pakistanis for Religious Tolerance, a non-profit highlighting and working against religious intolerance in the country, and have received recognition from the government by being invited twice to the Presidency for the Pakistan’s Leaders of Tomorrow conference. ORA was, quite literally, the stepping stone. The memories made and exposure gained spur me on and I still continue to realize each day the worth of those two weeks.”

Blake (Broadening Horizons)

“I attended ORA- Broadening Horizons in the summer of 2012 where I studied Advanced Physics. My final project in class included a presentation on nuclear fission and nuclear-powered submarines. Due to my fascination with physics and engineering, I attended a 2-month engineering internship the following summer at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA (USA), where I was mentored by a physics professor and former NASA astronaut, Dr Jim Newman. I later received a congressional appointment to attend the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD where I became a Midshipman of the Class of 2018. I just declared my major, Nuclear Engineering – a decision that was partially influenced by the time I spent at ORA where I was introduced to nuclear physics for the first time by my outstanding ORA professor, Mr Will Brian.”

Dylanger (New Perspectives)

“After my adventure at Oxford Royale Summer Schools, my life has led me to interesting places; here are some highlights. After my stay, I managed to obtain summer chemistry research internships for two years and one of those internships will result in a publication. I have also completed my first year at Williams College in Williamston, Massachusetts studying Mathematics and Physics. These opportunities would have not been possible without the experiences I have received in Oxford and I look forward to the future life holds.”

Karel (Broadening Horizons)

“I did a summer school with ORA in 2009. Since then, my life has made a 180 degree turn. It helped me a lot in the business I’m working in now. In 2015 I will graduate from a Masters in Business Engineering at Solvay Business School in Brussels. Meanwhile, I’m working as an event manager for EMO Ltd and Satellite Ice Ltd. Satellite Ice is responsible for building all the ice skating ranks in London, Birmingham, etc. ORA gave me opportunities to meet people. Next week I’m leaving for Portugal to meet someone I met in Oxford, Zé Maria de Melo. We meet every year. Friendships for life!”

Anamaria (Broadening Horizons)

“I was part of the Oxford Royale Summer Schools programme many years ago and I absolutely loved it. Now I am working for the International Telecommunication Union, which is a specialised agency of the United Nations in Geneva.”

Helen (SAT Preparation)

“After successfully graduating from high school in Boca Raton, Florida, I attended the Florida State University graduating in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. I now work for Alaska Airlines and I’m based in Medford, Oregon. On August 11th 2014 I was commended by Alaska Airlines after a passenger on a flight on which I was working suffered a serious heart attack in mid-air. Prompt response with a defibrillator by myself and the other flight attendant on board saved the life of the Alaska Airlines passenger. We nursed the passenger until the airplane landed in Portland and the emergency services took over from the flight crew. I loved my time with Oxford Royale. In particular, my SAT preparation course in Oxford in 2007 greatly helped me to be accepted at The Florida State University.”