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Social Sciences Summer School

Social Sciences Summer School

To study a Social Sciences course at Oxford Royale Academy, all you need is an analytical mind and an inquisitive spirit.

An inspiring academic experience

The Social Sciences underpin our experience of the world around us and encompass a vast range of subjects, from traditional (such as Economics, Geography, Archaeology and Anthropology, and Law) to more modern disciplines (including Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving, Psychological and Behavioural Science, Criminology, and People Management).

At first glance, these subjects might seem to have little in common, but they are united by the fact that they are all integral to understanding why people behave and interact in the way they do and, by extension, why society functions in the way it does.

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Teacher on the Yale Summer School teachers the class, standing up

High-quality teaching

Our teachers understand the importance of providing a challenging but supportive learning environment to enable you to achieve your full potential. Teaching and learning take place in a variety of forms, from presentations to debates and practicals, in order to provide you with a diverse and rich academic experience.

The dining hall of Clare College Cambridge during a formal dinner, viewed from the balcony

Surroundings guaranteed to inspire you

When you set foot in one of our stunning locations, you will quickly appreciate the history and prestige that surrounds them. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the variety of sights and landmarks your chosen location has to offer, which will encourage you to keep thinking and asking questions even outside of lessons.

students in a lesson focusing at their desks

Push yourself out of your comfort zone

It’s very easy to convince ourselves that the way we think and act is more correct than other ways, or that our view of the world is more accurate than others. By studying a discipline within the Social Sciences, however, you’ll soon discover that life becomes far richer and more exciting when you consider alternative points of view. You’ll become more aware and understanding of others’ behaviour, whether by conducting a psychological experiment with your classmates, or studying how the mind of a criminal works, and indeed your own, as you respond to challenging topics and questions in lessons as part of a group of like-minded individuals who all have different stories, experiences and opinions to share.

Teacher helping two students

Learn that it’s good to ask ‘Why...?’

People sometimes think that asking questions is a sign of weakness, as it suggests they’re unsure about something. If you study a Social Sciences subject at ORA, however, you’ll be encouraged to ask questions at every point in the course, as this is the most effective way to learn. Above all, you’ll be questioning assumptions and accepted ideas and always asking ‘Why…?’, both to yourself and others (and perhaps even your teacher, who will be more than happy to be challenged!).

William Hague presents an award to the winner of the ORA Great Debate

Equip yourself for a successful career

Some of the vital skills for existing and future careers can be gained from studying the Social Sciences. Industries and companies value skills such as analytical ability, communication, and the capacity to understand and relate to others, even if you do not necessarily share their opinions. These will work to your advantage when exploring possible careers in the future.

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Where are our Social Sciences courses?

Our Social Sciences Summer Schools take place in the glorious premises of the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, the University of St Andrews, Yale in the US, St Mary’s School, Ascot, and Uppingham School.

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