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Science Summer School

Science Summer School

Choose from a range of locations, each one as impressive as the last, with Oxford, Cambridge, London, St Andrews, Ascot or Uppingham in the UK, Bologna in Italy, or Yale in the US. You’re sure to be inspired as you study in cities that have been inhabited by renowned scientists and marked by impressive discoveries and influential research.

Knowledge to change your life… and the world

Our Science courses aim to encourage students to question and develop an understanding of how life works, and why.

Studying a subject in the Sciences at Oxford Royale Academy is a fantastic way to reinforce and build on existing knowledge, or broaden your mind and learn something that completely alters your view of the world around us.

Find the perfect Science course

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Enhance your appreciation of our world

In a time when climate change and sustainability are constantly in the news, it’s important to be aware of the impact we have on the world. Studying a Science course at ORA is an ideal (and fun) way to increase your understanding of the challenges facing our world today, and enhance your appreciation of it. Even if you don’t choose to study a course that’s directly related to the environment, all scientific disciplines are in some way linked to the world we inhabit and will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to understand all of its fascinating complexities.

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Surprise yourself

One or two weeks might not seem like a very long time to learn brand-new information, especially in a subject area as complex and varied as the Sciences, but you’ll be surprised to see how much knowledge and insight you gain from the course you choose. This is partly because you’ll be in a class with other students who are equally keen to learn and will be sharing ideas every day, whether directly related to a subject or simply offering a different way to approach a question.

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Hone your problem-solving skills

Although teaching will involve whole-class learning, you will also have the opportunity to work independently and in small groups to solve challenging problems and complete practical tasks. Your teacher understands the importance of allowing you to experiment and try new things in order to fully explore your chosen subject and increase your knowledge. Science is all about trial and error; this is how all of the most significant discoveries and breakthroughs were made!

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Learn to question everything

Any successful scientist needs an inquisitive mind. This is, of course, crucial when seeking to understand how humans function and how the world works, but is equally important in our everyday lives. Perhaps you’ve always accepted that boys are associated with the colour blue and girls with pink, but without knowing why this should be the case. Your experience studying a Science subject at ORA will give you the confidence to question ideas you previously accepted as true and look deeper for an answer.

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Find your future career

As ORA offers such a broad range of different options within the Sciences, it’s highly likely that you’ll find a subject that sparks your interest to the point where you’d like to pursue a career in that area. Not only will you return home with increased knowledge, confidence and independence, you’ll also have a clearer idea of what you would like to study at university and explore as a career in the future, and possess the skills to do so successfully.

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Where are our Science courses?

Our Science Summer Schools take place in the glorious premises of the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, St Andrews in Scotland, Yale in the US, St Mary’s School, Ascot and Uppingham School.

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