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Politics and Leadership Summer School

Politics and Leadership Summer School

Get clued up and have a say in your future with Oxford Royale Academy’s world-renowned Politics and Leadership programmes in Oxford, Cambridge and London, St Andrews in Scotland, or Yale in the USA.

Tackle the big issues with an ORA Politics and Leadership programme

In ORA’s Politics and Leadership programmes, you’ll discover the differences between socialism, capitalism and communism, and cover the basic principles of the varying modern day political systems in practice around the world, as well as their rich histories.

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Teacher lectures on the topic of politics

Innovative teaching methods

Harness cutting-edge and interactive methods of learning, including fun games, group problem-solving challenges, and team building, discussion and debate. Sharpen your academic writing style and receive invaluable critique from your peers.

Hear from famous and inspiring guest speakers, and ask the burning questions you’ve always wondered about. Our past speakers have included Lord William Hague, Former Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, Shadow Attorney General for England and Wales and member of the House of Lords.

Shami Chakrabati gives a guest talk in the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford, as part of the ORA Great Debate.

Global perspective

We’re proud to host students from over 150 different nationalities every summer, giving us a huge melting pot of cultures and languages to learn from.

This is highly beneficial to our students as it enables them to exchange ideas and experiences with peers from all over the world. In politics, the opportunity to compare and contrast different political systems and decisions with those who have experienced these things first-hand is fascinating and invaluable.

Students smiling in a lecture theatre

Exciting activities

Your learning will continue outside the classroom in whichever of our vibrant cities you choose. Explore world-class museums, galleries, theatre and music. Enjoy exciting excursions to well-known sights as well as unique local experiences with a native English speaker to guide you.

Get involved in ORA’s rich programme of fun social activities, including dance workshops, sports events, quizzes and games, arts and crafts, and themed parties.

Student leading a debate in front of her peers

Gain transferable skills

Whether you’re planning to take over the world, have your sights set on a career in politics, or simply recognise that the very transferable skills of leadership, debate, teamwork and public speaking will be highly useful to you throughout life, a Politics and Leadership course at ORA will unquestionably be of great benefit to you.

This course will sharpen your critical thinking, logic, and reasoning skills, as well as improve your academic writing ability – essential for any future undergraduate course, although of particular importance for those considering studying Politics or International Relations.

Student in class

It matters

Politics is a fundamental part of our society and a living, breathing subject. Politics textbooks go out of date the year after they are published because our political landscape changes day by day, often becoming unrecognisable from one year to the next. Be at the very forefront of these changes and anticipate them before they even happen.

An understanding of the way the world is run, the social and economical issues we collectively face, and why it matters to have your say (and vote) is incredibly important. Understand how the decisions being made will impact your life now and in the future.

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Where are our Politics and Leadership courses?

Our Politics and Leadership Summer Schools take place in the glorious premises of the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, St Andrews in Scotland and Yale University in the USA.

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