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At Oxford Royale Academy, we believe that feedback is essential for continuous improvement, and we take it very seriously.

Students are provided with detailed feedback on progress made during their summer course, and we actively provide opportunities for students and customers to give their feedback to us.

We are committed to taking on board any feedback provided to us by students, parents and customers, and are continually making improvements to our service based on your comments.

Feedback to you

Your tutor should mark any assignments that have been set in your class. In addition, you will receive a report at the end of your course, with a certificate of completion. If you require further feedback or support please let us know.

Feedback to us

All students will receive a feedback form at the end of their course, which they can fill in and return to us with their comments. If a student has any feedback or complaints that they wish to make during their stay they should speak to a member of staff (e.g. Programme Director) or follow the formal complaints procedure which can be found here. Parents/guardians will be asked to complete an online feedback form after their child has completed a programme with us.

Please note that it is far better to tell us during the programme if you have any complaints or comments, rather than at the end. That way, we can work with you to address any concerns while you are with us.

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