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Age Policy

With such a multicultural environment at Oxford Royale Academy’s summer school programmes, we realise that our students are likely to be at slightly different stages of their education.

We therefore have the following age policies, and hope they are sufficiently flexible to ensure that all students enrol on the right programme. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Student’s Date of Birth Available Courses
On or before 6th July 2000 Courses for ages 19+
Between 30th June 2000 – 29th June 2003 Courses for ages 16-18
Between 30th June 2003 – 16th August 2003 Choose between courses for ages 13-15 and ages 16-18.
Between 17th August 2003 – 17th August 2006 Courses for ages 13-15
Between 17th August 2006 – 13th July 2010 Courses for ages 8-12
On or after 14th July 2011 No courses available: the student is too young.

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