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Oxford Royale Summer Schools is most renowned for its summer courses, residential in some of the top universities in the UK. Not to mention our exceptionally high calibre of teaching,  the quality of our enrichment programme, and the lengths we go to in ensuring our students enjoy their time in the UK. (We’ll stop tooting our own horn in a minute, we promise.)

Which is why we have added a new centre for this summer, currently holding the third spot for the best universities in Scotland, according to the Times Higher Education rankings.


An old building covered with red ivy.

Students at St Andrews are the most satisfied in the country, according to the National Student Survey 2017.


Degree students at the University of St Andrews are a wee bit spoilt, in our opinion! Peerless teaching and research standards, a small, friendly university environment, and the flexible nature of the Scottish education system all combine to give university students studying in Scotland more autonomy over their own education than in other areas of the UK. We are taking advantage of the admirable facilities on offer at the University to provide the following courses to our students aged 16-18 this summer:


Business and Enterprise Programme

Engineering Preparation

Film Academy

Global Leadership Programme

Law School Preparation

Medical School Preparation

Summer Architecture Programme


Summer students based in St Andrews will be pleased to know they will be able to immerse themselves in the university environment, as well as all things Scottish during their course. St Andrews’ locals offer their visitors traditional hospitality, all while providing a wealth of things to do. Nicknamed “the auld grey toun” because of its impressively beautiful grey stone buildings, St Andrews boasts museums, ruined castle and churches, a stunning coastline, and nature hikes, all perfect for those who prefer a picnic to a panini. Photography is definitely advised.


Part of a stone wall on a hill overlooking the sea.

The perfect spot for a sneaky picnic?


For those who need a little more hustle and bustle, there is a theatre showing local stage productions, a cinema, and a variety of shops, international restaurants and cafes in which to while away your time and money. There is even a golf course, if you feel so inclined, with stunning views over the Scottish countryside.


Edinburgh Castle.

The famous sights of Edinburgh are also open to students.


Trips to other locations in Scotland will be also offered, including a visit to the world-renowned University of Edinburgh (occupying the top Scottish University spot, might we add), the famous nearby castle, and a host of other ghoulishly delightful attractions in what is supposedly one of the most haunted cities in Scotland. If that isn’t enough, imagine attending parties in beautiful local hotels, surrounded by stags and tartan! And if you feel like tossing the caber at your very own own Highland Games, we are sure that can be arranged…


Two men in kilts wrestling.

Kilts are not compulsory.


While we’re on the subject, let’s not forget the stark beauty of the glens, braes, and beautiful Fife coastline, right outside your bedroom window. If you feel like starting a novel in your spare time, there’s no better place to find inspiration than the misty wilds of Scotland, all whilst getting the edge in your studies in a world-renowned university environment.

Do you want to join us in Scotland this summer? Spaces are filling up quickly, so secure your place now. 


Images: building covered with red ivy; edinburgh castle; stone wall overlooking the sea; two men in kilts wrestling;

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