Are you a leader?


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Three students discuss a complicated concept.

Students will discuss concepts and theories they may not previously have discovered.


Leadership is kind of an amorphous concept.

You can be a leader of many things; the CEO of a multinational company, or chairperson of your school book club. But all leaders must embody certain qualities and consider a variety of factors which may affect the people they lead, no matter what their field of expertise.

Enter the Global Leadership Programme. This course for 16-18 year old students incorporates elements of political theory, philosophy, sociology, economics and international relations, all to prepare its participants for life as future leaders.

Do you want to know how to successfully lead a team? Improve your public speaking or debating skills? Or simply to better understand how the world is changing? In a constantly fluid state of current affairs – global warming, fake news and “post-work” to name but a few unnerving possibilities – forewarned is forearmed.

Students take part in a debate, with a professor watching.

Students will take part in lively debate, with the guidance of teachers who are experts in their field.


Students on the Global Leadership Programme will explore elite concepts, such as social justice, political ideologies, nuclear weapons, and the changing world order. Students will take part in classroom discussions, debate, and give presentations to their peers, and by the end of the course, will understand the key issues faced by the leaders of today and the future. You don’t have to be a budding politician to want to take part; all you need is a healthy interest in the world around you and a desire to contribute to it.

The Global Leadership Programme is offered at the following locations:


Oxford: Balliol College, University College, Yarnton Manor

Cambridge: St Catharine’s College

London: Imperial College

Scotland: The University of St Andrews


Places are being booked up quickly across the board, so if you want to change the future this summer, secure yours today.


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