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Mathematics Summer School

Mathematics Summer School

With the world becoming smarter and more technologically infused day-by-day, Mathematics skills are more in demand than ever.

Think differently with an ORA Mathematics programme

Our most cutting-edge inventions are powered by Mathematics, from space travel to artificial intelligence, to data science and blockchain. Challenge yourself to think differently. Use calculated logic and reasoning as crucial tools to process the world around you. Understand the palpable importance of the subject and the ripple effect it has on everything we do. Invent, create and build!

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Tangible benefits to your future

In almost every career, being numerically literate is essential, with advanced mathematical skills being highly coveted in diverse careers such as computer science, business, economics and engineering – meaning that a grounding in Mathematics will make you highly employable with a high earning potential.

For motivated students considering certain undergraduate degrees, such as Medicine, Architecture or any of the Sciences, excellent maths skills – and grades – will be vital to accessing these courses.

Get an invaluable head start on this challenging subject and maximise your chances of success in the future.

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Maths is (really) fun!

Maths has an unfair reputation for being dull, which often isn’t helped by traditional lessons which rely heavily on memorisation and repetition.

An ORA Mathematics course promises to be undeniably fascinating, endlessly applicable to real life – including music and nature – and revolutionary in its future scope!

Expect quirky quizzes, surprising history stories, practical experiments and group problem-solving challenges. Taking you far beyond the fundamentals of a traditional Mathematics curriculum, you’ll be taught cutting-edge concepts that may just change the way you see the world.

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World-class teaching

Academic excellence is at the heart of everything we do at ORA. Our highly qualified teachers will bring Mathematics to life for you, infecting you with their enthusiasm and opening your mind to the subject’s endless possibilities. They’ll guide you through complex theories whilst always challenging you to think deeper and consider the real-life current and future applications of what you’re learning.

A Mathematics course with ORA will build upon your existing knowledge, bolster your confidence and train you to think critically to solve complex problems – transferable skills to any future career and of utmost importance throughout your life in general.

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A universal language

Maths is a universal language. It’s exactly the same all over the world, regardless of race, religion or language, making it a very powerful tool.

Connect instantly with the friends you’ll make from all over the world and explore your chosen subject in fascinating detail with like-minded and passionate fellow students.

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Remarkable surroundings

Whether you choose Oxford, Cambridge, London, Ascot or Uppingham, you’ll be inspired by remarkable surroundings and famous alumni.

Wrap your mind around the mysteries of the universe as Isaac Newton once did in a secluded garden at Cambridge University, or study in the very same classrooms at Oxford University where Stephen Hawking experienced his lightning bolt moment that led to his famous theory of relativity. Immerse yourself in London, birthplace to the world’s very first (and female) computer programmer, Ada Lovelace. Or just starting out? Ascot or Uppingham are ideal locations to find your feet.

Outside classes, explore these vibrant cities bursting with fascinating museums, exhibitions and architecture, or relax in their pleasantly green, open spaces.

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Where are our Mathematics courses?

Our Mathematics Summer Schools take place in the glorious premises of the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, St Mary’s School, Ascot, and Uppingham School.

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