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Fantastic Futures! (Ages 8-9)

Oxford Royale Academy's award-winning Fantastic Futures Summer School for Juniors 2022 at Uppingham School, taught by elite ORA academic faculty.

Discover Your World

Explore some of today’s most interesting questions and discover tomorrow’s solutions. You will combine insights from Humanities, the Arts, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as you explore extreme weather and natural disasters, conduct a mission to Mars, and choose a side in the rise of the robots.

You’ll investigate a new key question each week, such as ‘185 days in space: A poet’s dream or zero-gravity nightmare?’ and ‘The rise of the robots: a threat or service to humankind?’. Fantastic Futures will help you develop a variety of STEM skills, alongside engaging with a variety of Arts and Humanities skills such as language analysis, persuasive writing, and hypothesising on the past, all while making friends with like-minded students from around the world!


Why Choose This Course?

  • Designed for fun, this broad introduction to the connection between science and the arts provides safety and structure in a prestigious boarding school environment that will strengthen social skills and build foundational academic skills—all while you make new friends from around the world.
  • One of our most popular Junior Courses, “Fantastic Futures” provides fun and exciting challenges that strengthen key life skills including confidence, collaboration, critical thinking and public speaking.
  • Designed by expert academic faculty to encourage the development of higher-order thinking skills, “Fantastic Futures” is structured around the investigation of a key question each week. This thematic approach to learning ensures structure and focus, whilst also allowing you to approach the question from both a STEM perspective and an Arts & Humanities point of view according to your interests.

What’s included?

  • Residential in a prestigious British boarding school: Uppingham School.
  • Safe and fun learning and living environment.
  • Make new friends in a truly international environment.
  • Enjoyable cultural programme, including activities and excursions.
  • Improve your English by interacting with native English speakers.
  • Accommodation, meals, tuition and cultural programme included.
  • Graduation, report cards and certificate.
  • Maximum of 15 students per class.
  • 16+ hours of teaching and guest talks per week.
  • Inspirational cultural programmes, including excursions to historic UK locations.
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What you will learn

By the end of this course you will have:

  • Developed a variety of STEM skills such as planning, conducting and evaluating fair scientific tests
  • Engaged with and developed a variety of Arts and Humanities skills such as historical enquiry, language analysis and taking part in presentations and debates
  • Developed the skills with which to formulate and justify your own opinions on a variety of subject matters
  • Explored the relationship between science and the arts and how the two can combine to form a well-rounded appreciation of current issues
  • Worked collaboratively to constructively question and evaluate each other’s work
  • Enjoyed a diverse range of exciting, practical learning experiences which will ensure full engagement with the course.


Click here to see the Key Questions

Summer Schools for Kids 2022

Great For Students Thinking About

  • Strengthening a broad understanding of STEM, Humanities, and the Arts
  • Learning more about their exciting world
  • Enjoy solving challenges and puzzles
  • Finding new friends and strengthening social skills

Earn your certificate

After your amazing summer of discovery, we know that you’ll want to share your success with your family, friends and teachers back at home. We also know that you’ll want to understand from your ORA tutor what you did particularly well on your course, but also where there might be room for future learning and development.

After successfully completing your course, you’ll receive a graduation certificate, awarded at a memorable ceremony hosted for you and your parents on the final Friday of your summer school. We’ll also provide a detailed report card, highlighting all that you have achieved during your time with us, as well as some next steps for future success.

5 reasons to choose the Junior Summer School for ages 8-12

Uppingham school archway

Summer at a UK boarding school

Students on our Junior Summer School live and study in the superb and inspiring surroundings of Uppingham School (Uppingham), one of the UK's finest and most prestigious boarding schools. Uppingham has state-of-the-art facilities for learning, sports, and relaxation, and offers a warm and safe environment in which to live and learn. Students are guaranteed a warm, welcoming, and comfortable stay in unparalleled grounds and buildings.

Friends from all over the world!

At the Oxford Royale Junior Summer School, we pride ourselves on our international community. Students on all of our programmes are encouraged to learn about each other’s cultures and backgrounds – both in lessons and while partaking in our rich and varied extracurricular programme. Many students make lifelong friends while partaking on our summer courses and often return year on year to catch up, try out new subjects, and most importantly, have fun. Those on our Junior English Programme also benefit from shared excursions and activities with native and fluent English speakers, boosting their conversational ability and confidence.

A head start to educational success

Be inspired by our Junior Summer School programmes which are tailored to the intellectually curious child. Our expert course development and teaching staff combine academic excellence with a real sense of fun – our aim is to send each student home with a renewed enthusiasm for their school subjects! Classes are interactive, with carefully crafted lesson plans and intellectually stimulating materials. Students have full academic freedom to explore subjects beyond the standard school curriculum under the expert guidance of leading teaching staff.

An action-packed timetable of activities

On our Junior Summer School, we never forget that you're on holiday! Students benefit from a number of age-appropriate exciting workshops, fascinating classroom projects, fun games, a wide range of sports activities, and thrilling trips around the UK's historic landmarks. We do our utmost to ensure that every child’s timetable is as action-packed and full of fun as possible. Make sure you buckle up for an unforgettable summer!

Inspiring Junior Summer School courses

Our Fantastic Futures! (ages 8-9) and Discover Arts and Discover STEM (ages 10-12) programmes explore the Arts and Sciences through a different weekly ‘key question’. As well as our academic programmes, we offer a Junior English Programme, enabling students aged 8-12 to develop their language skills in a fully immersive environment. This programme is differentiated by ability and integrates perfectly with our extra-curricular activities, giving non-native speakers a real head start in the language, perfect for if they decide to study in an English-speaking country in the future.

Useful Information

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What to Pack

You will receive a Welcome Pack after you enrol. Your Welcome Pack will provide a full list of what to pack and which personal items and travel documents you will bring with you when you join the programme

Pastoral Care

Over 15 years of delivering world-class summer programmes, we have established robust processes and structures to ensure all of our over 25,000 students have been well looked after during their stay with ORA. We pride ourselves on the exceptional levels of pastoral care we provide to our students

Arrival and Departure

Welcome to the Summer School Arrivals and Departures Hub. Here you can find all the information you need prior to departure including information about flights, transfer options and other important information regarding your arrival and departure.

Medical Care and Insurance

We are absolutely committed to your safety and wellbeing as our number one priority. Students must be comprehensively insured for their time with us - click to find suggested policy details, along with further information about our medical policies and procedures designed to keep you safe.

Study in confidence