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Future Filmmakers Gap Year Course

Take your film idea from "script to screen" in just 10 weeks under the personal supervision of an expert film tutor.

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The Future Filmmakers Gap Year Programme is a 10 week filmmaking course centred on the creation of an original short film: written, produced and directed by the students. Yarnton Manor is a ready-made film set teeming with creative inspiration: ORA students have the unique opportunity to live and shoot their film in the historic Jacobean Estate.

Starting with the script, the course is divided up into a number of learning modules that cover all aspects of the filmmaking process and run parallel with the development and production of the film.

As well as learning about the creative, technical and management processes involved in producing a film, the students will also be introduced to the business of film – discovering just how the industry works in terms of funding, marketing, distribution and sales.

The students will also get the opportunity to work alongside professional actors and crew, thereby giving them an invaluable and immersive understanding of how a film is produced. The Programme aims to provide students with the first steps to a successful film career as well as a high-quality short film suitable for portfolio or as an industry calling card. Whether they go onto higher education or straight into the business, students leave Oxford Royale Academy with a concrete skill-set and proven filmmaking experience.

The course runs for 10 weeks and centres around the creation of an original short film with the following ‘core’ course structure.
  • Week 1 - Gap Year Programme Orientation
  • Week 2 - Script
  • Week 3 - Script & Pre-Production
  • Week 4 - Pre-Production
  • Week 5 - Rehearsal Shoot & Pre-Production
  • Week 6 - Pre-Production
  • Week 7 - Main Shoot (Principle Photography)
  • Week 8 - Post-Production & The Film Business
  • Week 9 - Post-Production & The Film Business
  • Week 10 - Gap Year Programme Graduation
Alongside the above, students are taught some of the supporting modules below that complement the overall ‘drive’ of the film’s production. For example:
During the ‘Script’ section:
  • ‘The Art of Storytelling’ – Genre, Premise, Character and Structure
  • ‘Can it be made?’ – Production Versus Script: The practical considerations of turning a paper ‘vision’ into reality
For ‘Pre-Production’:
  • ‘Calling the shots’ – The technical ‘know-how’ of blocking a scene, shot coverage, shot choices, and working with the talent/crew
  • ‘Assembling the team’ – the various crew roles involved in the creation of a moving picture
  • ‘Painting by numbers’ – How to translate the ‘blue-print’ of a shooting script into a moving picture

  • ‘Making the cut’ – Introduction to the fine art of the film editor
  • ‘Where art meets commerce’ – Distributors, markets, sales agents and festivals
Oxford Royale invites ‘shoot’ crew (from sound and camera departments) to supplement our student crew during Principal Photography. In this way, students benefit immensely from having real film professional mentors working alongside them as they shoot their scenes.

BRUCE WINDWOOD (Senior Tutor) Biography
Bruce is a multi-award winning film producer with credits including the comedy feature film ’12 In A Box’ which was distributed internationally, won three prestigious awards and was described by the twice-Oscar winning producer of ‘The Godfather’ as “… one of the best British comedies I’ve ever seen.”
Bruce is also a commissioned scriptwriter for TV, film and radio, a composer and actor, and has also directed various short films/audio dramas/commercials.
Bruce teaches the ‘Micro Budget Filmmaking’ course at NFTS, is a regular film tutor at ‘Film Oxford’ and has taught at the ORA Film Academy since its inception 7 years ago.

JOHN HUNT (Oxford Royale Academy, Media Director) Biography
John is the Media Director for Oxford Royale Academy as well as a freelance video producer, director, editor and DOP. He has worked on video production for a diverse range of clients, from party election broadcasts to music videos. He is also a professional photographer.
He is a highly experienced teacher, PGCE qualified and has taught Media, Photography and Filmmaking courses from GCSE to post-graduate level and for industry.
This film was produced by one of our Future Filmmakers Programme students, Berend, and is indicative of the sort of high-quality short film you could create with ORA!

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The Future Filmmakers Gap Year Programme is residential in the following centres:

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