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Oxford Royale Academy takes an active approach to impact the lives of our students.

At Oxford Royale Academy we aim to invaluably enrich the lives of our students

We wish to leave a lasting impact on every student who has attended one of our courses, in terms of academic achievements and beyond.

Over the past 15 years of ORA summers, we can see that following attendance at our courses, our students have gone on to achieve incredible successes. These achievements range from obtaining the highest grades at school, gaining a place at a world-leading university, graduating with 1st class honours to starting careers with Fortune 500 companies.

We pride ourselves on the fact their ORA experience played a part in their outstanding results.


ORA shapes students world views

By living and studying with peers from all over the world, we present an incredible opportunity to learn from a culturally diverse cohort of bright minds. This diverse environment allows students to flourish amongst one another and to see through different sets of eyes by the time they leave us.

Student asking question in theatre audience

Unlocking doors

When students complete their ORA programme they leave feeling empowered to choose their next steps, enriched with confidence in their own abilities, skills and knowledge gained during their time with ORA. This enables them to feel prepared and ready for their next chapter.

Through our expert teaching faculty, world-leading facilities and triple-accredited courses, our students have the tools to open new doors, to go on to achieve above and beyond.

ORA student summer party

Connections for life

One of the key aspects of ORA is forging friendships that will last a lifetime.

Our students make friends for life during their ORA summer. Sharing unforgettable memories that last a lifetime bonds our students and keeps them in touch.

The connections extend worldwide due to our diverse student body, opening up a wide variety of opportunities through a network extending to all corners of the globe.

Student speaking to class as part of a public speaking workshop

Broadening views

Not only does Oxford Royale Academy provide outstanding educational development for our students, we enrich their views to enable them to see things through different sets of eyes.

Being surrounded by a bright and diverse student body, made up of over 150 nations, means students are able to learn from others as they have access to insights from all corners of the globe.

Students are able to grow personally and develop their world views by being surrounded by students who can all offer a huge array of experiences.

Student smiling and reading

We take an active approach

Every summer ORA offers a range of scholarships and bursaries to students who show academic promise and/or from underrepresented backgrounds.

We actively reach out to offer students the incredible opportunity to be a part of ORA. As an organisation we recognise that these students can offer our student body so much, with their impressive academic and worldwide knowledge.

Our active approach broadens opportunities and creates inspiring environments which encourages exceptional academic and personal progression.

Dreaming spires of Oxford colleges

Investing into the community

ORA is committed to driving forward safeguarding of the environment and investment into the local community, as well as further afield.

Here are a few of the charities we support; every year ORA staff members participate in a 10km charity run in support of Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, sponsorship of the sports kits of a number of Oxford University College teams, and PEAS which is an educational charity Promoting Equality in African Schools (PEAS).

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