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Humanities Summer School

Humanities Summer School

Critical thinking is at the heart of every Humanities course with Oxford Royale Academy: you’ll be encouraged to think for yourself and question everything.

Question everything on an ORA Humanities programme

Expert teachers will craft your ability to construct logical and coherent arguments, even when you are presented with subjective, flawed or complex information. You’ll share intellectual ideas with your international peers, and learn how to articulate yourself in a clear, concise and constructive way. These crucial and transferable skills will hold you in good stead throughout your life, no matter which career you pursue.

Find the perfect Humanities course:

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Follow in famous footsteps

Emulate our greatest philosophers, politicians, writers and economists; the thinkers, dreamers and visionaries who have shaped our world.

Amongst many others, follow in the footsteps of Indira Gandhi, the first female Prime Minister of India, who studied Modern History at Oxford, or the philosopher Erasmus, who taught at Cambridge University and is widely considered to have been the greatest scholar of the northern Renaissance.

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Learn from international peers

We’re proud of the unique global perspective offered by learning and socialising with students from 150 different countries that attend our courses. Bounce ideas off each other and gain new perspectives, drawing on specific cultural examples and country case studies with fascinating first-hand accounts and opinions.

Make lifelong friends from all around the world and get the inside scoop. What’s it really like to live in a communist country? What are the real-life complications of alternative voting systems?

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World-class teaching

Our highly experienced, passionate teachers are hand-picked for their ability to expertly guide students on their learning journey in a way that encourages a curious mind that questions the things we take for granted, and thinks deeper about the big issues. Individual expression and group collaboration is cultivated, as are critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

Students can expect to learn through interactive workshops, practical experiments, case studies, discussion and debate, and by listening to esteemed visiting guest speakers.

Punting along the River Cam in Cambridge

Exciting and prestigious locations

Learn in cities steeped in history that produced some of the world’s greatest thinkers, who moulded the modern world with their revolutionary ideas.

Choose from long-standing rivals Oxford and Cambridge. With their quintessentially English honeystone buildings and architectural marvels, winding cobbled lanes and green open spaces, their famous universities are very much at their hearts.

London’s rich melting pot of culture will inspire you to think differently, whilst you can trace the renaissance’s remarkable history.

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Choose from a wide variety of subjects

With an enormous range of exciting subjects to choose from, there’s something for every goal, whether that’s getting ahead in preparation for a specific undergraduate course, developing universally useful skills such as critical thinking, academic writing or leadership, or simply delving deeper into a subject of interest.

Investigate the nitty-gritty of international economics, get your head around differing philosophical schools of thought through the ages up until the present day, or learn what it takes to be in charge of your country on our Politics course.

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Where are our Humanities courses?

Our Humanities Summer Schools take place in the prestigious surrounds of the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London.

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