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Homestay Quarantine Service

Information about the Homestay Quarantine Service developed in partnership with Oxford Homestay

Homestay Quarantine Service

If you are an international student thinking of visiting the UK this summer to take part in one of Oxford Royale’s summer schools, you may require use of the Homestay Quarantine Service, particularly if you are travelling from an “Amber List” country. 

Working in partnership with Oxford Homestay, we are pleased to offer the following service to enable you to comply with UK Government quarantine guidelines and subsequently take part in an Oxford Royale residential course at any one of our UK locations. 

Students will need to stay in quarantine for a minimum of 5 nights. They will need to arrange for a same-day Test to Release test that will allow them to end their quarantine on Day 5 (subject to a negative test result).

Students choosing not to complete the Test to Release test must quarantine for the full 11 nights.

You can find an arrivals and quarantine timeline, covering each of our Oxford Summer School start dates, in the “When should I arrive?” section of this webpage, below.

The Family Homestay Experience

After landing at the airport, you will travel to your family homestay accommodation which will be located within a few kilometres of Oxford. Here you will be met by your host family, who will be responsible for looking after you during your quarantine. 

Bedrooms will be comfortable, furnished and with (usually) an ensuite bathroom including toilet, shower and sink. All houses contain broadband WiFi connectivity at no extra charge.


3 meals per day will be provided (brought to your room) along with refreshments (classic English juices, various teas, coffee, various biscuits and water) as needed. Your host family will also help you with things like laundry and acquisition of toiletries (which will be at your cost).

Packages and Fees

How to Book the Homestay Quarantine Service

To book this service, please do so directly with Oxford Homestay, whose contact details are provided below: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Rules for entering the UK are subject to change. You should always check the latest UK government guidance.

Who needs to Quarantine on arrival in the UK?

Full details on arrival requirements as per the UK’s ‘traffic light’ system for international arrivals can be found on our dedicated Travel Summary webpage.

When should I arrive in the UK?

For arrivals from “Amber” countries, 11 nights of quarantine are required – however, this can be limited to 5 days using a same-day Test to Release test.  Provided that test returns a negative result, you will be able to end your quarantine.

Those not wishing to take a Test to Release test must quarantine for the full 11 nights.

The day of arrival in the UK should be treated as Day 0.

Please see the grid below for a timeline for the 5-night quarantine package – from arrival in the UK, to test to release and transfer to college, to the mandatory Day 8 test, with an indication on dates relative to your Course Start Date:

When Day # Night # Where? Notes
Start date -5 days
Day 0 Night 1 Airport / Quarantine Accommodation Arrival in the UK, transfer to Quarantine Accommodation
Start date -4 days
Day 1 Night 2 Quarantine Accommodation
Start date -3 days
Day 2 Night 3 Quarantine Accommodation Day 2 test completed
Start date -2 days
Day 3 Night 4 Quarantine Accommodation
Start date -1 day
Day 4 Night 5 Quarantine Accommodation
Your course start date
Day 5 Quarantine Accommodation /
Your College
Same-day Test to Release test completed and result returned
– move to your college if negative *
Start date +1 day
Day 6 Your College
Start date +2 days
Day 7 Your College
Start date +3 days
Day 8 Your College Day 8 test completed
Start date +4 days
[Thursday] ONWARDS
Day 9 Your College



What COVID-19 tests will I need to take, and how will this be done/obtained?

Please visit our Travel Summary webpage for details regarding the tests you will need to take and when, as per the traffic light system for arrivals.

What am I allowed to do during the quarantine period?

You may not leave the home in which you are quarantined, but you may arrange a time with your host family where you can exercise in their private garden.

You may be visited by someone carrying out checks on behalf of the UK Government to make sure you’re complying with your legal duty to quarantine. More information is available on the UK Government’s Self-isolation compliance checks after international travel webpage.

Will there be an ensuite bathroom?

Wherever possible, you will be matched to a room with an ensuite bathroom.

Will there be a garden for me to walk around / take exercise?

Wherever possible, you will be matched with a host family who have a private garden.

Will Oxford Royale provide any educational content to help me pass the time in quarantine?

We are delighted to offer those who are quarantining in the UK prior to attending an on-campus summer school the opportunity to join guest talks, debates and lectures delivered as part of our Oxford Summer School Online 2021, free of charge.

There are online sessions available each week throughout the summer, and each has an exciting and stimulating enrichment programme.  This would provide you with a focus for your time, an educational output, and an opportunity to meet and talk with other students on several occasions.  You can read more about our online courses and their Enrichment timetables in the Oxford Summer School online section of our website – please contact us for more information and to confirm your enrolment.

This offer is available to all quarantining students – whether you are taking advantage of the Homestay Quarantine Service, or making your own arrangements. Note that we may ask for proof of your quarantine booking before confirming your attendance.

In addition:

How do I get from the airport to quarantine, and afterwards to the Campus?

Taxi transfers from the airport to your homestay can be arranged directly with Oxford Homestay. Please note, the UK government advise that you should only use public transport to travel to your place of quarantine if you have no other option, so arranging transport through Oxford Homestay should be your first choice.