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The Ivy League Experience

The Ivy League Experience

Immerse yourself in academic subjects of your own choice this summer while experiencing Ivy League life in top US universities. Choose a major and a minor and explore subjects that are entirely new, or an area of specific interest, all on the campus of one of the finest universities on the planet.

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Course Summary

The Ivy League Experience from Oxford Royale Academy has been specifically designed for students who are looking for a general introduction and insight into studying at a top US university, whilst learning more about their chosen subjects.

Available for students aged 13-18, the programme requires students to choose a ‘major’ subject and a ‘minor’ subject, which they will follow for two weeks of scintillating study. Should students wish to stay for four weeks, this is possible, and students will be asked to choose two majors and two minors.

Majors are more traditional academic subjects, whilst minors are more skills-based and are focused on building such valuable attributes as leadership, team-working skills, presentation skills and more. For information on the majors and minors available, please see the ‘Course Outcomes’ section of this webpage.

Course Topics

Creative Writing
This Creative Writing major aims both to inspire students, and to provide students with an overview of techniques and processes available to writers.
The Engineering major provides students with a comprehensive grounding in all aspects of engineering. The practical skills and theoretical knowledge gained will undoubtedly ensure an advantage in future studies and careers in the sector.
The Journalism major is designed to immerse students in the study of journalism by developing their ability to respond critically to a wide range of journalistic media; it is suitable for both those seeking general exposure to the field and those who aim to pursue a career in journalism and want to hone their skills while considering journalism's requirements.
Law and Legal Studies
The Law and Legal Studies major is the perfect programme for any student considering future studies or a career in Law. During two weeks of interactive study and discussion, students on the course will be immersed in a variety of different fields within the discipline.
Medical Biology
The Medical Biology major is designed for students who wish to extend their knowledge and understanding of the science behind modern medical practice, encouraging students to consider human health and its wider impact more broadly.
Business Challenge
A minor designed for students with a keen interest in business and entrepreneurship. The dynamic workshop style of teaching has been designed to get students thinking about what makes a good business strategy, as they start up their own entrepreneurial brainchild and test it against the practical realities of business management.
This minor serves as an overview and a ‘taster’ of the fundamental skills and techniques that are used by actors on both stage and screen.
Film Studies
The Film minor is an intensive film-making programme, designed and delivered by industry professionals. The course will cover the processes of production, filming and editing.
Public Speaking & Leadership
In this minor, students will focus on developing their presentation and advocacy skills: an understanding of how to plan a speech; build a strong and persuasive argument; and to give a convincing speech, with plenty of practice to build confidence for the future.



  • Location Yale
  • Ages Ages: 13-18
  • Bedroom Type Single & shared sets
  • Bathroom Type Shared (single gender)
  • Year Built Founded in 1701

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