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A ubiquitous discipline, sociology informs the decisions made by politicians, businesses, and charities. This course will offer students a taster of this huge field of study.

The syllabus will introduce the different scientific methods of studying society, what we can learn from them, and the patterns they reveal to us.

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Course Summary

This exciting wide-ranging course will explore the use of social science and how to conduct research in sociology.

To achieve this, students will gain an understanding of contemporary sociological theory and practice and of the role played by migration in shaping global cities.

They will also explore topics within sociology, from gender and society to criminality and globalisation, and have the opportunity to draw on their knowledge to develop their own social engagement project. The course will reveal that sociology is a wide-ranging and exciting field of study.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will have:



No specific experience or skills are expected of students wishing to participate in this course, although a strong command of the English language is vital.


Oxford College Accommodation

  • Location Oxford
  • Ages Ages: 12+, 13-15, 16-18, 19+
  • Bedroom Type Single and twin
  • Bathroom Type En-suite & Shared (single gender)
  • Year Built Founded in 1096 (University of Oxford)

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Sociology is part of the New Perspectives programme.

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