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Medicine Discovery Plus for ages 10-12

Medicine Discovery Plus for ages 10-12

Students on this course will encounter the fascinating yet complex field of Medicine through theory and practical based learning. The combination of learning styles will enable students to encounter various types of medicine, the functions of the key organs and create their own organ model.

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Course Summary

Medicine is a very popular yet complex subject field. This course offers students the opportunity to take their first steps into the world of Medicine through a fascinating combination of theory and practical lessons. With this combination of different types of learning, students will have the chance to challenge themselves, and to create a 3D model of an organ of their choice.

Students will go on to explore the anatomy of the heart, its function and how the heart circulates blood around the body. The course will also introduce students to how the lungs function and what happens in the body when we breathe. Furthermore, students will also learn how to treat wounds and gain an understanding of the common pattern for basic diseases and how to identify them.

Overall, this one-week course will provide students with a grasp of some of the basic skills required to become a successful doctor.

What to expect from Medicine Discovery Plus for Ages 10-12

During the Medicine Discovery Plus course you will learn about different types of Medicine, as well as the different types of doctors and the roles of a doctor. You will be introduced to the human body as a medical entity with a focus on the key organs, such as the heart, the brain, the lungs and the liver.

As well as theory-based lessons, you will have the opportunity to develop your practical skills. These exciting hands-on lessons will include creating an organ model, performing basic daily medical tasks and learning how to identify some common medical problems.

This one-week course is a fantastic introduction to the field of Medicine; a wonderful start to your potential future career in Medicine.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will have:


Topics covered

During this intensive week of Medicine Discovery Plus, students will cover the following areas:


St Mary’s School

  • Location Ascot
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Uppingham School

  • Location Uppingham
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  • Year Built Founded in 1584

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