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iOS App Coding: an Introduction

iOS App Coding: an Introduction

An intensive summer programme designed to introduce students aged 19+ to the principles of iOS App Coding.

A one-week programme, residential in a college of the University of Oxford.

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Course Summary

This course will provide students with the essential technical knowledge and practical development skills to understand the current technologies that support iOS programming. It will enable students to understand and work effectively with the iOS architecture and become familiar with the Xcode development tool.

Students will learn the different functionalities in the iOS User Interface Kit (UIKit) in order to distinguish between the different user interface elements in the construction of their user interfaces. Students will adopt a project based approach to the writing of correct Swift up to an advanced level programs to successfully manipulate data and solve problems along with documenting, testing and debugging both their own and others code.

In this course, students will develop a Swift application that can apply and display the same image several times with different filters applied to it. During the course students will be equipped with the skills that will enable them to successfully carry out the task of presenting their working code and receiving feedback on their construction of a Swift Image Editor.

Students will be tasked with detailing the problem their app  is aiming to solve accompanied by a critical reflection on their coding and programming process including any problems encountered and recommendations for future use.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course students will understand:

  • How to produce working iOS apps and media
  • Have familiarity with Xcode and know how to turn Swift code into an iOS app in Xcode
  • Have the ability to translate a problem from another language (whether prose, mathematics or an unfamiliar programming language) into suitable pseudo-code iOS programming

Course Outcomes

Monday Lecture 1: Introduction and installations
Seminar 1: Introduction to Swift
Tuesday Lecture 2: Collection types and control flow
Seminar 2: Functions and classes
Wednesday Lecture 3: Advanced Swift
Seminar 3: Image processing in Swift
Thursday Lecture 4: Instafilter processor
Seminar 4: Ios app development
Friday Lecture 5: Introduction to UIKIT and the interface builder
Seminar 5: Presentations, course review and action planning


Assessment Methods

1 x Written Assignment (500-750 words)

1 x Group Presentation


Oxford College Accommodation

  • Location Oxford
  • Ages Ages: 12+, 13-15, 16-18, 19+
  • Bedroom Type Single and twin
  • Bathroom Type En-suite & Shared (single gender)
  • Year Built Founded in 1096 (University of Oxford)

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