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Engineering: an Overview

Engineering: an Overview

Kick-start your career in Engineering with this wide-ranging introductory programme from Oxford Royale Academy.

A one-week intensive summer course for adults, residential in a college of the University of Oxford.

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Course Summary

This introduction to the most popular areas of 21st century global Engineering will provide a rigorous introduction to the most up-to-date models, techniques and challenges in Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Civil and Structural Engineering. This will be supported by practical classroom activities where students will collaborate in building and designing Engineering constructions along with the development of academic skills in case study analysis, problem solving and report writing.

Engineering is a sector that, across the entire world, is undergoing unprecedented change. Engineers of the future will need the knowledge and skills to manage and lead this rapid change through times of uncertainty and complexity. Moreover, digitisation is increasingly enabling the delivery of projects through the use of advanced IT solutions including AI, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and engineering analytics: these advances are transforming the industry through improved, proactive design and build technologies that increase safety, reduce operational costs, provide innovative solutions to customers and provide competitive advantages with real-time insights from data analytics.

This course will introduce these themes and discuss the challenges, emerging global trends and opportunities for the future.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course students will understand:

  • The main global and technical challenges that engineers have to face in order to generate solutions to the problems facing both developed and developing economies
  • How to be able to apply theories to real-world problems and help build the future of the modern world through creativity and innovation
  • Have greater confidence in designing engineering solutions for the future
  • Greater experience of cross-disciplinary working in multi-national teams to enhance your analytical, problem-solving and leadership skills

Course Outcomes

Monday Lecture 1: Mechanical Engineering: challenges and research
Seminar 1: ‘Hands on’ challenges in teams to solve mechanical engineering tasks
Tuesday Lecture 2: Electrical Engineering – current developments
Seminar 2: Applying electrical engineering theory to circuits- practical task
Wednesday Lecture 3: Chemical Engineering- theory and applications
Seminar 3: Chemical Engineering- case study analysis
Thursday Lecture 4: Civil Engineering models
Seminar 4: Assessing practical applications in civil and structural engineering
Friday Lecture 5: Sustainable Development in Engineering
Seminar 5: Presentations, course review and action planning


Assessment Methods

1 x Written Assignment (500-750 words)

1 x Group Presentation


Oxford College Accommodation

  • Location Oxford
  • Ages Ages: 12+, 13-15, 16-18, 19+
  • Bedroom Type Single and twin
  • Bathroom Type En-suite & Shared (single gender)
  • Year Built Founded in 1096 (University of Oxford)

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