The scholarship shortlist is now live!

Two girls laughing in debate
Every year we receive more scholarship applications than ever before. All of the applications for Summer 2018 were of an exceptionally high standard, and we had a difficult time deciding on the shortlist.
Congratulations to all of those shortlisted for Stage 2 below, and many thanks to everyone who submitted a scholarship application. Those who have been shortlisted will have already received an email with instructions regarding Stage 2 of the application process.

13-15 years:

Name Age Country
Allegra B. 13 Indonesia
Alyssa P. 14 USA
Anwesha D. 15 India
Avathanshu B. 13 India
Bana Al Q. 15 Kuwait
Bryan T. 15 Indonesia
Camilla B. 15 Bolivia
Camilla T. 15 El Salvador
Damola L. 14 UK
Dinu R. 14 Australia
Ella A. 15 Uganda
Emily K. 14 Germany
Karla R. 14 El Salvador
Kushi D. 15 UK
Lishika S. 15 India
Maahed M. 14 Pakistan
Mark F. 15 Kuwait
Opeyemi L. 15 UK
Selina J. M. 13 Indonesia
Shaajana J. 14 UK
Silvia P. A. 14 Germany
Smit K. 14 UK
Sophie W. 15 Bolivia
Zaheer A. 15 Bangladesh
Zara S. D. 15 UK

16-18 years:

 Name Age Country
Christina G. 16 Australia
Christopher M. 17 UK
Cora M. 16 UK
Courtney O. 18 UK
Dar’ya K. 18 Seychelles
Dina D. 16 Jordan
Dylan A. 17 UK
Elyaa A. 18 Palestine
Emily P. 16 Cyprus
Joanna M. K. 17 Germany
Junaid A. 17 UK
Kartikeya U. 17 India
Kelly B. 17 UK
Kylie L. 17 New Zealand
Mahnoor S. 17 Pakistan
Maniha A. 16 Pakistan
Mariia P. 17 Russia
Marina B. 17 UK
Martha-Lisa T.N. 16 UK
Mariam S. 18 Pakistan
Maxine G. 16 France
Minahil H. 16 Pakistan
Mir B. 17 Pakistan
Mridul M. 18 Swaziland
Muahmid B. K. 17 Pakistan
Nawal K. 17 Pakistan
Nidhal M. 18 Hong Kong / Morocco
Omeza F. 17 Pakistan
Pareesay A. 16 Pakistan
Shizah K. 17 UAE
Spiros M. 16 Greece
Tehreem M. 18 Pakistan
Umer F. 17 UK

It was an absolute pleasure to read all your entries, and even if you were not selected this time, we hope to be able to welcome you to Oxford Royale Summer Schools in the future.
Image: ORA