Harry Potter Star Emma Watson Begins her Year at Oxford University

Image shows the hall of Christ Church, Oxford.The Dining Hall of Christ Church, Oxford, provided inspiration for the film version of the Great Hall at Hogwarts.

Swapping Spells for Seminars and Magic for Matriculation, Emma Watson, star of the Harry Potter films, has embarked on her much publicised year at Oxford University. The actress, 21, a permanent student at Brown University in the United States, is now a visiting student at Worcester College studying English for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Emma Watson as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter.
Emma Watson as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter.

This represents something of a homecoming for Emma Watson. She attended the prestigious Dragon and Headington Schools, both in Oxford, and added high grades to her glittering film accolades. Watson was quoted as saying:

“The most challenging aspect of this film was the fact that I was trying to take my A-levels at the same time I was filming. So my life was crazy. One minute I was on set, and the next minute I was doing an exam, or reading a textbook, or doing something, so I was a bit all over the place. Sometimes it’s kind of hard to juggle both aspects of my life.”

Emma Watson should therefore be no stranger to life at Oxford University. Students wishing to involve themselves in extra-curricular life must juggle this with a hectic academic schedule. Unlike Hermione in Harry Potter, Watson will not have access to a Time Turner.

The actress may also wish for Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, so often a crucial saviour, such is her stardom and fame. Emma Watson being spotted in lectures and libraries in Oxford has formed a substantial part of the student discourse throughout the first two weeks of term, and this looks set to continue.

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Image credits: Great Hall; Hermione.

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