Gap Year Students Arrive at Yarnton Manor

Image shows students arriving at Yarnton Manor.

Oxford Royale Summer Schools is pleased to announce that our very first Gap Year Projects students will be arriving in Yarnton Manor in the coming weeks.
10-Week Gap Year Programmes can be taken in one of eight subjects, and combine academic teaching with independent research, work experience and hands-on study. They’re a way of enhancing your subject knowledge, giving you a head start over your peers and helping prepare you for university study.
Ángela, who will be studying Medicine, attended Oxford Royale Summer Schools’s summer school and has decided to return for a Gap Year Project. She said, “After the great experience of this summer I am really looking forward to go back to Oxford and share more moments with you because you have wonderful courses and an amazing team.”
Gap Year Projects will also be available from 4 January to 27 March 2016 and from 3 April to 25 June 2016. Find out more and book here ➙