Featured courses for students aged 19-25

If you’re an older student looking for a rewarding summer course, Oxford Royale Summer Schools has options which could be perfect for you!
Alongside our celebrated courses for younger learners, ORA also offers a wide range of courses for students aged 19+. Held in Oxford as part of our award-winning Oxford Summer School, these courses will help students to progress in their chosen subject with tuition of the highest standard. Students can choose from subjects such as Medicine, Business, or General English to achieve rapid improvements in their level of English.

Students will be able to enjoy the inspirational surroundings of Oxford.
Students will be able to enjoy the inspirational surroundings of Oxford while they live and study here.

With our experience in providing top-class summer courses, we know that older students have different expectations compared to younger learners, especially when it comes to their time outside of lessons. Therefore we specifically design our  programme of extra-curricular events and activities to account for the maturity of students, allowing them more free time and independence. Amazing excursions, tours and more will still be included, of course!
Best of all, some of our students aged 19+ will be lucky enough to live and study in the stunning environment of Merton College, one of Oxford’s most ancient and beautiful colleges.
We’re looking forward to welcoming students of all ages on our Summer Schools in 2017, so be sure to apply now to guarantee your place!

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