600 EPQ Ideas – The Ultimate List For an A*

So, this is it. You’ve decided to do an EPQ and now you’re sitting at a blank computer screen with the entire spectrum of human knowledge at your disposal. You could write about any topic on any subject in the dizzying realms of the known universe. But there’s just one problem… how do you begin?

An EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) allows A-Level students to write a 5,000 word essay on any question or subject of their choice. Alternatively, students can create an artefact or product, and write a shorter essay explaining it. The EPQ is equivalent to half an A-Level.

EPQs are a fantastic way of proving to universities that you are the best prospective student for them, and that you deserve a place on one of their courses. An EPQ requires a huge amount of independent research (which proves that you can handle university-style work) and allows you to showcase your original thoughts and academic rigour, which is exactly what universities are looking for.

Even more importantly, an EPQ counts for extra UCAS points. This means that if you don’t get the grades you expect at A-Level, a strong EPQ grade could help you meet the conditions of a university place offer. Feeling inspired now? We’ve got 600 EPQ ideas for multiple different subjects, to get those ideas rolling.

Choosing Your Topic

Before exploring our list of ideas, here are a few tips for getting started.

Pick a topic that interests you. An EPQ is a chance for you to prove your organisational, analytical, and writing skills, and the topic you choose must be something you are willing to thoroughly explore through independent research. There is no point choosing something you think may be impressive, but you are completely disinterested in! In order to achieve the highest possible grade, pick a line of enquiry that you will find interesting and engaging– if you wouldn’t be happy to read about it in your spare time you will struggle with your research. 

Equally, try and pick a topic that compliments the subjects you are currently studying, or the subject that you are aiming to continue at university.  It may not be advantageous to do an EPQ on insect biology if you aren’t taking any sciences, and your aim is to apply for an English degree!

Having your EPQ relate to your subjects or potential university course means every area of your academic life will be improved. Your EPQ will be a chance to refine your project-building skills in a suitable field, a chance to enhance your background knowledge, and will be a great addition to a university application. 

Finally, try and pick a topic that is engaging, intelligent, and poses a question for you to answer or investigate. The whole point of an EPQ is to show off both your extended knowledge on a subject, and your ability to form an argument. The insights you gain from your EPQ will not only help your background subject knowledge, but will also provide a topic in which you are an expert: a valuable asset when it comes to university applications and interviews.


What are some top EPQ ideas for a guaranteed A*?

Some strong EPQ ideas for a guaranteed A* are specific and original topics like “Should parents be allowed to genetically change their child’s gender” for an EPQ in medicine, and “Is the media making suicide aspirational?”, for a psychology EPQ.

You could also consider EPQ questions like, “Was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified?” for History, and “Should we legalise human organ trade?” for Economics.

We’ve got a list of 600 EPQ ideas for a guaranteed A*, so scroll down and get inspired. We’ve searched all over the internet and interviewed students to get the most pressing topics for each subject. Use these EPQ ideas to give you an idea of what you could research and to inspire your own line of enquiry, then it’s up to you to come up with your own title.

With this advice, we leave you with our ultimate list of EPQ question ideas- good luck!


EPQ Ideas For Medicine

  1. Is gene therapy ethical?
  2. Should parents be allowed to genetically alter their child’s gender?
  3. Can cannabis use in adolescence cause schizophrenia?
  4. To what extent does the sugar tax reduce sugar consumption in the UK?
  5. Why are the death-rates from Covid-19 worse in places with higher air pollution?
  6. Why does emetophobia primarily affect women?
  7. Could the legalisation of cannabis improve mental health?
  8. Should we allow only UK citizens to use the NHS?
  9. Can plastic surgery ever solve body dysmorphic disorder?
  10. Do care home environments worsen the affects of Dementia and Alzheimer’s?
  11. What are the links between obesity and parents criticizing their children’s bodies?
  12. If a woman who wanted a child freezes her eggs and then happens to die, should a relative be allowed to use her eggs to conceive a child?
  13. Is it right that mothers of Down’s syndrome babies are allowed to abort them up until birth?
  14. Are anti-depressants a quick fix problem in an overwhelmed healthcare system?
  15. Should the NHS provide IVF for women over 40?
  16. To what extent are Black women discriminated against when giving birth?
  17. Should counsellors have a qualification in psychology before being allowed to practice?
  18. Why are girls so chronically misdiagnosed when it comes to autism?
  19. Did the ancient Egyptians have a comprehensive understanding of mental health and illness?
  20. Could electroshock therapy be the most effective method of treating depression?
  21. Should we prioritise ICU places to people with children and dependents?
  22. What are the similarities between Reactive Attachment Disorder and Autism?
  23. A study of medical practices in North Korea
  24. A comparison of different cancer treatments: surgical removals and chemotherapy to immunotherapies.
  25. Is hypnotherapy ever a viable anaesthetic for surgery?

EPQ Ideas for Psychology

  1. Is the media making suicide aspirational for young people?
  2. To what extent does having social workers intervene in a family affect a child’s life outcomes?
  3. Is talking therapy nearly ineffective for treating panic disorder?
  4. Should children be allowed to decide if they can be taken into care?
  5. Are the children of alcoholics more likely to become hoarders?
  6. Is there a link between undiagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and alcoholism?
  7. Can non-violent psychopaths have successful relationships?
  8. Given how they change behaviour, should advertising and marketing be made illegal?
  9. How has social media altered our brains since its inception?
  10. Does the Stanford Prison Experiment prove that we should promote rehabilitation over punitive incarceration?
  11. Are attachment issues in neglected children irreversible?
  12. Can unschooling be classed as child neglect?
  13. Can authoritarian parenting styles lead to overeating in adulthood?
  14. Is technology making us more depressed?
  15. Do gender-neutral toys lead to children with less stereotypical views of gender roles?
  16. Can music help ease the effects of Dementia?
  17. What are the long term effects of bullying?
  18. Can studying people’s behaviours pre-suicide help prevent suicide?
  19. Should crime-predicting algorithms be banned for their bias?
  20. A study of the effects of living in an overcrowded household during Covid-19 lockdown.
  21. Do memories alter when we recall them?
  22. How does intergenerational trauma effect cortisol levels?
  23. Do the negative affects of racism begin in the womb?
  24. What can Savant Syndrome tell us about the multi-faceted nature of intelligence?
  25. Do all humans have some level of body dysmorphia?


EPQ ideas for Law

  1. Should defendants be allowed to represent themselves?
  2. Is the internet an ungovernable wilderness when it comes to Law?
  3. Why secret trials are a form of abuse
  4. Should CCTV be made illegal?
  5. Is the use of juries inevitably flawed when it comes to reaching a just verdict?
  6. Should mass media be banned from high profile investigations?
  7. Should we replace juries with AI-powered robots?
  8. Should Donald Trump go to prison?
  9. Could the police be classed as a gang in America?
  10. How we can stop criminalising victims of sex trafficking.
  11. Should we bring back the death penalty?
  12. How much should a child’s desire to live with one parent or another affect the court’s decision?
  13. Should people who see child abuse but don’t report it be subject to the law?
  14. Should male partners sue their female partners for abortion?
  15. Should organ donation be mandatory for everyone?
  16. When should one country legally intervene in another, when it comes to human rights abuses?
  17. Should marriage be banned until the age of 21?
  18. Should lie detector results be legalised in UK courts?
  19. Could the government be legally obliged to pay women for their unpaid labour that contributes to the economy?
  20. If embryos are capable of feelings and sensations, should abortion be forbidden at any stage?
  21. Should minors trafficked to the UK from a dangerous country or situation be given immediate residency?
  22. Could euthanasia be legalised, whether or not someone is critically ill and close to death?
  23. Should parents be legally obliged to leave money to their children?
  24. Should the inheritance tax be abolished?
  25. Should people with dual citizenship automatically receive diplomatic protection from both countries?

EPQ ideas for primary school teaching

  1. Should boys receive exclusive lessons on feminism in primary school?
  2. How can we teach primary school students about internet safety?
  3. How can we teach primary school students about their rights over their own bodies?
  4. Is the way we teach obesity in school harmful to overweight or obese children?
  5. Is the Education system indoctrinating students?
  6. The importance of girls in primary school having role models in STEM.
  7. Why banning mobile phones in school does more harm than good.
  8. Why our education system fails to pick up students with dyspraxia.
  9. Why we should allow students to move around the classroom as they learn.
  10. Is the Montessori childrearing method of any use in mainstream primary school?
  11. Should every school have access to a Forest School?
  12. Why primary schools should teach skills such as cooking and home management to every child.
  13. Are school uniforms too institutionalising for children?
  14. Should school uniforms be enforced as a way of giving children routine?
  15. The importance of failing well.
  16. Should school be only three days a week?
  17. Should children be able to choose what subjects they want to study at any time?
  18. How exams unfairly disadvantage girls in primary school.
  19. Should we abolish sets in primary school?
  20. How can we teach healthy eating to children?
  21. How can we teach anti-racism to primary school students?
  22. A study of anxiety disorders in primary school students due to Covid-19.
  23. How the education system can better accommodate students with high-functioning autism.
  24. Why we need a better understanding of selective mutism in primary school.
  25. Should primary schools in the UK become bilingual to enhance language learning?

EPQ ideas for Secondary School Teaching

  1. Should school start and end later for teenagers?
  2. Why students should never have to ask to go the bathroom.
  3. Could a four day school week improve mental health among secondary school students?
  4. Is the secondary school curriculum creative enough?
  5. Why we should be teaching healthy communication to secondary school students.
  6. Should parents be allowed to choose for their children not to receive sex education?
  7. Should sports be compulsory at secondary school?
  8. When does strict teaching become bullying?
  9. Should modern languages be compulsory at secondary school?
  10. Could Pathological Demand Avoidance explain why students who are bright aren’t meeting their potential?
  11. Should we ban school uniform in secondary school?
  12. Should we decolonise the secondary school curriculum?
  13. Are their enough teachers of colour in secondary schools?
  14. What is the effect of divorce on a student’s learning and development?
  15. How to narrow the technology poverty gap among secondary school students.
  16. How to create educational support for looked-after children.
  17. How does having less money than your peers affect your identity as a secondary school student?
  18. The effects of overcrowded and poor housing on educational attainment.
  19. The effects of homelessness and insecure housing on educational attainment.
  20. What effect does the assessment and exam structure in UK schools have on students’ mental health?
  21. Are exams an unfair form of assessment for students with a specific learning difficulty like dyslexia or dyspraxia?
  22. How does ADHD link to cleverness and giftedness in students?
  23. Is our method of diagnosing autism in students informed enough?
  24. How can we tackle perfectionism and fear of failure in female students?
  25. Do exams unfairly advantage boys, and why?

EPQ ideas for Biology

  1. Why we don’t have enough evidence for evolution.
  2. Is Covid-19 more deadly than Ebola?
  3. Are animals as intelligent as humans?
  4. Is abortion murder?
  5. Is homosexuality genetic or social?
  6. What can the oldest living creature on earth teach us about biological immortality?
  7. Does incest always create biological issues?
  8. The use of parasites in weight loss attempts
  9. How long would it take you to die if you ate the same thing and nothing else for years?
  10. What causes diseases in trees?
  11. Could we ever grow food on walls?
  12. If your spouse died, what would the ethical implications be of cloning them?
  13. A study on identity crises in identical twins.
  14. Is obesity a genetic issue?
  15. How does sepsis attack the body?
  16. Will artificial hearts ever be a viable solution to chronic heart problems?
  17. Could brain transplants ever be a viable option?
  18. How do certain drugs affect cellular interactions?
  19. A study of courting behaviours in different species.
  20. How did different cellular mechanisms regulate different physiological processes?
  21. Is obesity a modern phenomenon?
  22. Can gene therapy cure Cystic Fibrosis?
  23. Can gut microbiota influence host appetite?
  24. What is the impact of invasive species on ecosystems?
  25. What is the biology of laughter?

EPQ Ideas for History

  1. Why poor dental hygiene in the middle ages was a myth.
  2. Was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Justified?
  3. Is it right to topple the statues of slave owners, in order to erase history?
  4. Who does history belong to?
  5. Why did the USA join World War Two so late?
  6. How have male and female romantic relationships changed over time?
  7. How has the role of marriage changed over time?
  8. Should a country be allowed to teach its own history?
  9. How did the British Empire expand so much?
  10. Should museums return all their historical artefacts to their country of origin?
  11. Were the Suffragettes the biggest force in women getting the vote?
  12. Is religious warfare ever Justified?
  13. How medieval fashion influences our outfits today
  14. Was Anne Boleyn the main reason that Henry VII left the Catholic church?
  15. Did Henry VII suffer from a genetic disease that prevented him from conceiving healthy children?
  16. Why do we hold on to so many myths in History?
  17. A study of propaganda in History textbooks in UK history.
  18. Why is History important to the future?
  19. To what extent did the purchase of commissions affect the fighting power of the British army between 1760-1860?
  20. What is the validity of historical fiction and romance?
  21. How did secret churches operate in Mao’s China?
  22. How did 19th Century attitudes towards madness affect society’s treatment of ‘hysterical’ women?
  23. What is the holocaust’s relationship with literature?
  24. Were the liquidators who helped clean up the Chernobyl explosion used as human collateral?
  25. How did the pill help women’s liberation?

EPQ Ideas For Economics

  1. From an economic perspective, should we legalise human organ trade?
  2. Can an increase of wealth directly influence happiness levels?
  3. Could stock analysts be replaced by artificial intelligence?
  4. How do socio-economic factors determine someone’s health in adulthood?
  5. Who is to blame for the 2008 financial crisis?
  6. Is illicit trade with China the only factor preventing the North Korean economy from total collapse?
  7. How would we recover economically if the internet ceased to exist?
  8. How did the 2008 financial crisis make house buying impossible for the majority of millennials?
  9. Is the poverty trap impossible to get out of?
  10. Can we compare the trickle-down economy to a pyramid scheme?
  11. Does a lack of wealth in childhood really hold you back in life?
  12. Is the gig economy leading to job insecurity a myth?
  13. To what extent does women’s unpaid labour prop up the UK economy?
  14. How has Brexit affected the UK economy?
  15. Should we legalise a Universal Basic Income?
  16. How quickly did the UK economy recover from the effects of World War Two?
  17. Are all socialist economies doomed to fail?
  18. How would the legalisation of Marijuana affect the world economy?
  19. How does a lack of free speech negatively affect China’s economy?
  20. Should there be a minimum wage?
  21. Should there be a maximum wage?
  22. Should billionaires be allowed to exist?
  23. How has the global demand for oil changed over time?
  24. What effect does illegal immigration have on the UK economy?
  25. Why a lack of childcare support for women hurts the economy.

EPQ Ideas for Business Studies

  1. Should businesses expanding to developing countries be forced to pay their employees the same amount they would at home?
  2. What does Foxconn show about the human cost of business?
  3. How should we hold businesses to account for unethical behaviour?
  4. Should we have a single, global currency?
  5. How can companies become more eco-friendly?
  6. Should we lower the corporate income tax?
  7. Will Google kill the journalism industry?
  8. Why apprenticeships should pay more
  9. Why every business leader should take a course in empathy.
  10. How successful is it when businesses rebrand?
  11. Should companies interfere in their employees’ private lives?
  12. How churches like Hillsong became multi-million pound businesses.
  13. Should CEOs have a salary limit?
  14. Is the American government a big business?
  15. How has e-commerce affected bookshops?
  16. Does corporate social responsibility have an impact on company sales and profits?
  17. A study of businesswomen in the 18th Century
  18. When do business marketing practices become unethical?
  19. Should multi-million pound businesses have taken advantage of the government’s furlough scheme during the Covid-19 lockdown?
  20. How do corporations influence politics?
  21. Should a business ever own a town or city?
  22. Start your own small business – perhaps on eBay or Etsy – and write your EPQ on an aspect of it.
  23. Should private healthcare be allowed to exist?
  24. Could marketing be considered a mass human experiment?
  25. To what extent does colour effect audience response to branding and logos?

EPQ Ideas for English Literature

  1. The evil stepmothers in fairy tales were actually mothers in the original texts. What does this tell us about society’s anxieties and perspectives on motherhood?
  2. To what extent is the state of Gilead in The Handmaid’s Tale based on real life?
  3. Is writing an act of magic?
  4. Can works of literature oppress their fictional, female characters?
  5. Can the mistranslation of literature create a liminal world – a place that is not quite one thing and not quite another?
  6. What does the rise of the digital book teach us about literature?
  7. Can we ever ‘eat’ literature?
  8. Do you need to be able to read and write to be an author?
  9. Are stories living things?
  10. Discuss the gender politics in George Eliot’s Middlemarch.
  11. How is the sensory experience of dyslexia presented in literature?
  12. Is English Literature considered a ‘feminine’ subject?
  13. As an English student, is it your job to always work out what an author means?
  14. Is the author dead?
  15. Could journalists be replaced by AI-reporters?
  16. Do we need to overhaul the literary canon?
  17. Do we really need spelling and punctuation in literature?
  18. Should mass media be allowed to be biased?
  19. How helpful is the idea of literary genres to understanding a text?
  20. How George Orwell hid his dissenting view of communism in Animal Farm.
  21. Why learning to read is a human right.
  22. Can a novel ever be timeless?
  23. Does literary form exist just so that writers can subvert it?
  24. Is rhythm in a poem a separate language?
  25. Explore Plath’s portrayal of depression in The Bell Jar.

EPQ ideas for Art

  1. Should Banksy be allowed to graffiti on walls?
  2. Who decides the value of art, and should we standardise it?
  3. Has photography always been a form of art?
  4. To what extent is mathematics art?
  5. Why do people consider art to be an easy subject?
  6. Can art reverse the effects of mental illness?
  7. Can anything be art?
  8. Is all graffiti a form of art?
  9. Why the common perception of medieval people being bad at art is misguided.
  10. How does the commercialisation of the art industry change art itself?
  11. How does the perception of a career in art as worthless affect the life choices of students?
  12. Does an audience’s gaze change a piece of art?
  13. Are art and beauty essentially related?
  14. Is art supposed to be a visual and sensory experience, or something that we think about and define a meaning for?
  15. Who decides that a piece of art is ‘good’?
  16. Does art have a purpose?
  17. Can art help fight climate change?
  18. Why does it matter that children are exposed to art?
  19. What is the effect of producing art on a child’s brain?
  20. If nobody ever saw your artwork, would it be worth creating?
  21. Does a piece of art necessarily have a relationship with its creator, or can it detach itself?
  22. Is art a language?
  23. What does the disdain for modern art teach us about people’s stereotypes of art?
  24. Are philosophers artists?
  25. Could the world itself count as a work of art?

EPQ Ideas for Foreign Languages

  1. Where did language come from?
  2. Do idioms prove that languages can never truly be translated?
  3. Is body language universal across all countries?
  4. Should everyone be made to learn sign language?
  5. Why did Esperanto fail as a language policy?
  6. Which is the hardest language to learn and why?
  7. Do multi-lingual children grow up to be more economically successful?
  8. Why does having dyspraxia make language learning difficult?
  9. Should the whole world be made to speak one language?
  10. How does an influx of immigration alter the language of a region?
  11. What is the effect of trading on local dialects?
  12. Should everyone be made to learn a foreign language at school?
  13. What does the Korean language, when compared in North and South Korea, teach us about the evolution of language?
  14. Is there such a thing as a ‘correct’ way of speaking a language, when languages never stop evolving with culture?
  15. Could a language be classed as a living thing?
  16. Why is English such a dominant language across the world?
  17. Is Latin a dead language?
  18. What caused the English language to evolve so drastically over time?
  19. What is the hardest language to learn, and why?
  20. What does baby-talk in different foreign countries teach us about the acquisition of language?
  21. Why does China have several dialects, but only one alphabet?
  22. Did grammar always exist?
  23. What is the link between being good at maths and being good at language learning?
  24. Why are young children such natural language learners?
  25. Is learning a language cultural appropriation?

EPQ Ideas for Sport

  1. How sports stars experience an identity crisis after they retire
  2. Should soldiers be paid more than footballers?
  3. How do psychological factors influence performance in sport?
  4. What do fans react to their team winning a football match as though they won it themselves?
  5. Are national and international sports a misuse of resources?
  6. How does struggling with sports in primary school affect children’s self esteem?
  7. Should women be allowed to compete against men in professional sports?
  8. Is the ability to run fast purely a genetic advantage?
  9. Why do we fail to take women’s sports seriously as a society?
  10. Should children be forced to do sports in school?
  11. How can the presence of media affect the outcome of a game?
  12. Should referees be replaced by AI-powered robots, to decrease bias?
  13. How does a lack of female representation in sport prevent girls from seeking it out as a career?
  14. What is the effect of parents’ motivation a child’s enjoyment of sport?
  15. What are the long term effects of the Olympics on the host country’s tourism?
  16. How does a lack of ability at sports correlate to bullying?
  17. Why do we have less interest in women’s sports?
  18. A history of sport in pandemics
  19. How does a long-term sports injury affect an athlete’s mental health?
  20. Can a star athlete succeed without a coach?
  21. Should cheerleaders be banned?
  22. Is racism being taken seriously in sport?
  23. Can you still be a top athlete with a poor diet?
  24. Who decides when something is a sport?
  25. Why is netball predominantly considered to be a sport for women?

EPQ Ideas for Architecture

  1. How does the design of a building influence its inhabitants emotions?
  2. Should city-dwellers without gardens be given free access to national parks at all times?
  3. What is the link between Brutalist style architecture and anxiety and depression?
  4. What is the link between mathematics and art in Architecture?
  5. How is a building affected by the people who live in it?
  6. How does the style of council housing feed into class stereotypes?
  7. Can architecture cause social dysfunction?
  8. Would smart cities be a breach of privacy?
  9. Could we create a building the size of a city, to house an entire population?
  10. Make an architectural model of a zero-carbon home and write an essay describing how its functions avoid the use of carbon.
  11. Should the local government have the right to pull down a building if the community who live there oppose it?
  12. Is it ethical to spend millions of pounds creating a building in a city with high levels of quality?
  13. Were houses built in the 1930s of superior quality?
  14. Should councils have been allowed to remove tenement dwellers from their homes in the post-war era, when the enforced move was traumatic?
  15. Can we adapt Japanese smart space efficient buildings to western buildings?
  16. What were the influences on architecture in China?
  17. How did communism during Mao’s China change the country’s cityscapes?
  18. How can we build environmentally-friendly housing in LEDCs?
  19. Can zero carbon housing ever really exist?
  20. Should public playgrounds exist for people of every age?
  21. Was Grenfell tower a total architectural failure?
  22. What house styles in different areas tell us about gender forms of the time.
  23. How does technology affect architecture?
  24. What was the effect of feminism on architecture?
  25. Should houses worth over a million pounds be built with some benefit to the whole neighbourhood?

EPQ ideas for Maths

  1. Is the golden ratio a racist idea?
  2. What is the maths behind cryptocurrencies?
  3. What are the links between foreign language learning and maths?
  4. What are the links between mathematics and art?
  5. Has maths always existed?
  6. How can we use statistical analysis to predict a child’s outcomes in life?
  7. Should children be forced to take maths at A-Level in the UK?
  8. Should maths be optional at secondary school in the UK?
  9. Why do some people say that maths is beautiful?
  10. Does money really exist?
  11. An exploration of chaos theory.
  12. Can maths explain how the universe came into existence?
  13. How can calculations improve the safety of commuters who cycle in Oxford over the next 5 years?
  14. Explore conflict and co-operation in The Prisoner’s Dilemma.
  15. Which is more important, e or pi?
  16. Can we calculate infinity?
  17. An exploration of orbital mechanics.
  18. Is maths a pointless subject if we don’t apply it to something?
  19. Is learning Maths more important than learning English in primary school?
  20. What was the role of maths in the code-breaking of Bletchley Park?
  21. How do fractals work in modelling systems?
  22. Can we reverse dyscalculia?
  23. Can mathematical systems ever be illogical?
  24. Did people discover maths?
  25. Could maths ever prove the existence of a parallel universe?

EPQ ideas for Physics

  1. How does String Theory explain the universe?
  2. How can physics help us prevent climate change?
  3. What is the relationships between maths and physics?
  4. What was the role of Mileva Maric Einstein, Albert Einstein’s wife, in his scientific findings?
  5. Build a quadcopter with remote control.
  6. How can emergency whistles be optimised for design and use in rural environments?
  7. What would happen to the solar system when the sun dies?
  8. How can physics help us provide electricity to parts of rural India?
  9. Is time an illusion?
  10. Discuss the different interpretations of quantum mechanics.
  11. Could humans ever live on Mars?
  12. Design and build a functioning robot.
  13. How soon will we have flying cars?
  14. What are some feasible methods for cleaning up space junk?
  15. Where did the universe come from?
  16. How can physics prove the existence of God?
  17. How did Einstein’s theory of relativity influence Physics?
  18. Now that NASA has confirmed there is water on the moon, could it be a feasible tourist destination?
  19. Given their devastating effects, should we eliminate nuclear weapons from the earth?
  20. What contributed to the Cleddau bridge disaster?
  21. How can we solve the pay gap in the field of physics?
  22. A study of star formation and star death.
  23. Is time travel possible?
  24. How far can humans realistically explore space?
  25. Mathematical knot theory and its applications.

EPQ ideas for Chemistry

  1. What was the impact of optical isomerism in the drug Thalidomide, which led to fetal abnormalities?
  2. An assessment of the safety of fluoride in water.
  3. To what extent did the government in Louisiana cover up the danger of the petrochemical plants in Louisiana’s ‘cancer alley’?
  4. Should Aspartame (E951) be allowed in our food and drink?
  5. When do chemicals become hallucinogens?
  6. An assessment of hydrogen storage within Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs).
  7. An extraction of limonene from citrus fruits.
  8. Make a collection of esters that smell pleasant.
  9. Will graphene have a significant influence on the future?
  10. To what extent have inventions in Chemical Engineering impacted our lives?
  11. As assessment of the total synthesis of natural products.
  12. An experiment in polymer chemistry.
  13. An assessment of molecular dynamics
  14. An assessment of solid state structure
  15. Could we ever create a plastic that decomposes?
  16. A research project on hydrogen fuel cells
  17. Why doesn’t plastic decompose?
  18. What are the chemical processes behind purifying water?
  19. An exploration of the chemistry behind food allergies in humans?
  20. What are the chemicals involved in human attraction?
  21. How does cortisol affect the human body?
  22. Should pesticides be ethically permissible?
  23. What are the advantages of computer aided fragment based drug design?
  24. How can click chemistry be used to improve drug synthesis?
  25. How has the discovery of pharmaceutical chemicals changed over the past 200 years?

EPQ ideas for Engineering

  1. Should we teach Engineering in primary school?
  2. Why is there a gender imbalance in Engineering, and how can we fix it?
  3. Is there an oversaturation of engineers in India, and if so, why?
  4. Was everything in the world built by an engineer?
  5. Do we need to expand our definition of engineer?
  6. Can Engineering solve the mystery of Malaysian Airlines flight 370?
  7. Can Engineering explain the disappearance of Emilia Earhart?
  8. Did Engineering faults contribute to the sinking of the titanic.
  9. Build your own model plane, boat or high altitude balloon.
  10. Could hot air balloons become a mainstream method of travel?
  11. Discuss the hydraulics paradox.
  12. How have innovations in airframe design increased safety in commercial aircraft?
  13. How do architects and engineers collaborate?
  14. Should we be allowed to develop robots that can mimic human emotion?
  15. What would it mean for an engineer to be ethical when building something?
  16. How has Civil Engineering changed over time?
  17. How can chemical engineers improve energy efficiency?
  18. How could alterations in chemical Engineering have prevented the Deepwater Horizon oil spill?
  19. As assessment of the sustainability of London’s tube system.
  20. How much of our countryside should we sacrifice for better transport links?
  21. Will we have enough oil for future generations?
  22. Would energy provided entirely by a wind farm system run the UK economy?
  23. What are the reasons for the pay gap in Engineering, and how can we solve them?
  24. How can we get pre-school children interested in Engineering?
  25. Design a system to enhance plastic recycling.

EPQ ideas for Computer Science

  1. Why we should teach children how to code at the same time we teach them to write.
  2. Create a website design and code it.
  3. Is one coding language superior to another?
  4. How can we reduce computer illiteracy in poorer areas?
  5. Why internet access is a human right.
  6. Are AI-driven robots responsible for their own actions?
  7. Are Ai-assessed job interviews inevitably biased?
  8. How soon will handwriting become totally irrelevant?
  9. Are companies upskilling fast enough to cope with the digital demands of Covid-19?
  10. It’s more important to learn to code than to learn to write
  11. Is Computer Science a more relevant subject than Physics?
  12. How will quantum computers change our way of life?
  13. Should silicon valley companies be criminalised for our widespread addiction to technology?
  14. What would happen if all technology was wiped out?
  15. Will we ever be able to search Google through a microchip in our brains?
  16. What new jobs will Ai create in the next ten years?
  17. What is increased automation doing to our jobs?
  18. Develop your own game.
  19. Should we allow AI-writing assistants like Grammarly to change the way we express ourselves?
  20. What are the positive effects of machine learning on healthcare?
  21. How does AI differ from human intelligence?
  22. Is it ethical to use social care robots to alleviate loneliness?
  23. Is it ethical to create an app which offers you an AI friend?
  24. What is the most efficient way to track down cyber criminals?
  25. How do cyber criminals cover their tracks on the internet?

EPQ ideas for Ethics

  1. Should people be able to sue their parents for bringing them into the world?
  2. Do men automatically have the right to be present at their child’s birth?
  3. Should we be allowed to dispose of spare embryos in IVF?
  4. Should we be allowed to use embryos for stem cell research?
  5. Should we bring back the death penalty?
  6. Should machines with AI have their own rights?
  7. Are Siri and Alexa slaves?
  8. Should we be allowed to mix human and animal DNA?
  9. Should we be allowed to clone humans?
  10. Do we have the right to experiment on animals?
  11. Do we have the right to visit other planets and the moon?
  12. Should a father have rights over an unborn child?
  13. Should there be an assessment process before people have children?
  14. Is sterilisation unethical in every circumstance?
  15. Should we be allowed to cuddle babies if they can’t give verbal consent?
  16. Should an embryo have protected rights under the law?
  17. Do we have the right to prevent someone from committing suicide?
  18. The disturbing eugenics around birth control
  19. Should parents be allowed to edit out genetic conditions before a child’s birth?
  20. Should testing fetuses for Down’s Syndrome be legal?
  21. Are our moral decisions innate or socially conditioned?
  22. Should we have the right to decide when life begins?
  23. If you need a heart transplant and you’re hoping for a heart, does that mean you’re hoping for someone else to die?
  24. Should we put a limit on the number of children people have?
  25. Does the means justify the end?

EPQ ideas for Politics

  1. Why has the USA never had a female president?
  2. If we colonised Mars, who would govern it?
  3. Has Great Britain lost its status as a world power?
  4. Are the government’s counter-terror policies effective?
  5. Is it acceptable to teach British values in primary schools?
  6. How does nepotism negatively affect politics?
  7. How has Donald Trump changed politics?
  8. Should there be universal freedom of information?
  9. Why did Brexit happen?
  10. What are the dangerous effects of conspiracy theories like Q-Anon on the public?
  11. Should it be illegal to publicly shame politicians?
  12. Will there ever be a viable mid-ground between socialism and capitalism?
  13. Would global governance be a better policy than individual governments?
  14. How are female politicians and prime ministers perceived?
  15. Should there be freedom of speech at all costs?
  16. Should countries be allowed to ban religion?
  17. An assessment of the case for anarchy.
  18. Should the UK’s land belong to everyone?
  19. An analysis of political cartoons in the UK
  20. Should everyone have to vote by law?
  21. Should politics be taught in primary school?
  22. Should everyone be made to take politics in secondary school?
  23. Should National Service be mandatory in Singapore?
  24. How did the war on drugs affect inner city US communities?
  25. How was Twitter revolutionised politics?

Sociology EPQ ideas

  1. How can we reverse stereotypes over drug use and misuse in different communities?
  2. What is the impact of the media on our perception of women from Muslim communities?
  3. Evaluate Marx’s account on the origins of the industrial revolution in Britain?
  4. Is it fair for today’s feminists to criticise the lack of gender commentary in classical sociology?
  5. How do human ideas, customs and behaviour come together to make culture?
  6. How do gender, class, race and sexuality affect us and our social relations today?
  7. A study of the effects of polyamorous family settings on children.
  8. Have sociologists neglected emotion in their studies of human behaviour?
  9. Do emotions come from society, or from within us?
  10. How do different models of socialisation affect children?
  11. Are eating disorders a social phenomenon?
  12. Should we ban face-altering apps?
  13. Should teenage pregnancy be so vilified?
  14. Can upbringing create a narcissist?
  15. Is perfectionism more prevalent in girls than boys, and how does that relate to the way we socialise either gender?
  16. Should we ban gendered toys?
  17. How can we assuage the social causes of substance abuse?
  18. An exploration of the sociology of food.
  19. Is it right to try and get someone out of a cult?
  20. How racial segregation in cities enforces poverty, and prevents upward mobility.
  21. What is the relationship between race and class?
  22. The effects of interracial marriage in the 1950s.
  23. The cultural diaspora of mixed race children.
  24. How Disney made princesses key role models for girls.
  25. Should weddings have to be registered to be legal?

EPQ ideas for Geography

  1. How did Hurricane Catrina change the New Orleans community?
  2. Is there such a thing as collective trauma after a natural disaster?
  3. Does the earth belong more to humans than animals?
  4. To what extent should be allow deforestation?
  5. A study on how we will survive and adapt to climate change in 3020.
  6. Does the way we categorise developing countries increase stereotypes?
  7. How have the demand for super-crops impacted the agricultural systems in the countries where we grow them?
  8. Should companies be allowed to expand to developing countries if they won’t pay workers the same wage as at home?
  9. How does tourism affect a country’s culture?
  10. Should all new houses be built with solar panels?
  11. How can we reduce the effects of coastal erosion?
  12. How has global warming changed the world’s physical features?
  13. What are the socio-economic and political implications of migration policies for the UK?
  14. Should borders between countries exist?
  15. Are countries doing enough to meet their MDG targets?
  16. Can a country ever become fully developed?
  17. How does living as an illegal immigrant affect mental and physical health?
  18. To what extent is global warming caused by human beings?
  19. Was the civil war in Syria caused by climatic factors?
  20. Could the National Geographic be considered exploitative?
  21. A comparison of two earthquakes in different decades. to observe how advances in technology have impacted responses.
  22. How does climate change affect different biomes and ecosystems around the world?
  23. What are the environmental and social impacts of natural gas fracking?
  24. A prototype for the generation of sustainable energy.
  25. The effects of littering on marine health.

EPQ ideas for Religious Studies

  1. Why materialism can’t disprove the existence of God.
  2. Why science and religion are part of the same entity.
  3. Paley provides the best argument to issues surrounding the existence of God.
  4. To what extent can Freud’s view of religion and God be said to be accurate?
  5. Is C.S Lewis’ claim that atheism is weaker than theism correct?
  6. Is the belief in nothing still a belief?
  7. Can we reach God through the via negativa?
  8. Is atheism just ignorance?
  9. Can we prove that the universe exists outside our mind?
  10. Is the Catholic catechism biblical truth?
  11. How did the history of the church shape our society today?
  12. Should Religious Studies be compulsory in primary school?
  13. The existence of life on earth is evidence of the existence of a higher being.
  14. How do you explain the goodness of God in the light of the world’s evil?
  15. What are the boundaries between a cult and a religion?
  16. Should the church always be subject to the government?
  17. Should the Queen be head of the protestant church?
  18. Should the church form its own political party?
  19. Are expensive religious buildings insensitive to those living in poverty?
  20. Does baptising a baby save its soul?
  21. Should politicians interfere in religious conflicts?
  22. Is religion nothing more than a comfort blanket against death?
  23. Can you ever justify taking a life?
  24. Is religion the same as morality?
  25. Is religion just a set of rules disguised as something greater?


So, there you have it. 600 EPQ ideas to enhance your passion and imagination for this exciting qualification. Now get ready to kickstart your academic future with an amazing EPQ idea of your own. Don’t forget to fill out that activity log as you go along!