100 nationalities now enrolled for 2018!

It is always an exciting moment when we reach a new landmark. And tipping the scales at over 100 nationalities booked for our 2018 summer school is certainly one worth celebrating!
Every year, a more and more diverse international group of students enrol with Oxford Royale Summer Schools to attend one of or many popular academic summer courses.
Here are a few fun facts about some of our many diverse 2018 nationalities so far:

The caves of Bamiyan on Afghanistan.
Afghanistan – home of the world’s first oil paintings, in the caves of Bamiyan.


Finnish houses on a mountain side in summer.
Finland – where during the summer months, the sun never drops below the horizon.


A mountain scene in Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan – the world’s largest landlocked country.


A colonial building in Paraguay.
Paraguay – the only country in the world with flag which has a different emblem on each side.


The world's highest waterfall in Venezuela.
Venezuela – home to the world’s highest waterfall and over 25,000 species of orchid.

Images: caves of bamiyan; finnish houses; kazakhstan mountains; colonial building in paraguay; angel falls in venezuela