10 Reasons Why You Should Book Now For Our 2016 Summer School

Did you have the time of your life at Oxford Royale Summer Schools’s 2015 summer school?
Or perhaps you didn’t make it to the summer school this year, but you’re determined not to make the same mistake again?
Either way, it’s time to book your place for ORA’s 2016 summer school. Here’s why you should book now:

1. For your first choice of subjects and programmes.

Image shows an ORA lesson taught in the Oxford Union.

2. For the £100 discount available for returning students who book before 31st December 2015…

Image shows ORA students on a tour of Oxford.

3. … and for the £100 discount if they recommend a friend and both book before 31st December as well.

Image shows ORA students laughing in the St Catherine's College marquee.

4. For the chance to meet even more students from all over the world.

Image shows ORA students ready for a party in St Catherine's College.

5. For challenging lessons, exciting activities and brilliant excursions.

Image shows a student punting.

6. For a reunion with all the friends you made this year.
Image shows two ORA students sitting in St Peter's College.

7. For another two weeks in the beautiful city of Oxford.

Image shows a student taking a photo of Christ Church's hall.

8. For a further helping hand towards your academic goals.

Image shows two ORA students in a lesson.

9. For an experience that will be even bigger and better than 2015.

Image shows an ORA student blowing bubbles at a party.

10. For the certainty that you’re going to have a fantastic summer next year.

Image shows ORA students jumping outside the Radcliffe Camera.
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