Architecture Summer School 2023

Study Creative Architecture on the campuses of the world’s most prestigious universities. Live, dine and study on the campus to get an authentic taste of university life; from the historic prestige of Oxford and Cambridge, to the metropolitan buzz of London.

Oxford Royale Academy Architecture Summer School 2023

Oxford Summer School by Oxford Royale (OR) -- join Students from all over the world

Do you want to learn how to design and build breathtaking architectural structures? Discover how, by joining students from around the world on our Architecture Summer School in London.

Take inspiration from your surroundings as you improve your drawing skills and build a design portfolio. Acquire the knowledge and ability to bring your designs to life, with university style tutorials and workshops that will equip you with valuable experiences for your academic pursuits.

Join Oxford Royale Academy’s Architecture Summer School to experience life as an architect, and discover the history and art behind the world’s finest structures. You’ll learn the methods and practices of world-class architects in an engaging, dynamic setting.

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Whether you dream of studying architecture at university, strive to be a leading urban designer, or hope to design breathtaking architectural structures, an Oxford Royale Academy Summer School will inspire you.

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Architecture & Design (Ages 16-18, Cambridge)

Join our Architecture & Design summer school and fast-track your future as a world-class architect. You'll get to know the core principles of architecture, including design and space planning.

Architecture & Design (Ages 16-18, Oxford)

Join our Architecture & Design summer school and fast-track your future as a world-class architect. You'll get to know the core principles of architecture, including design and space planning.

Architecture Summer School in London

The Summer Architecture Programme introduces aspiring architects to key concepts and theories, while also providing an insight into what future study or a career in Architecture entails.

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Explore Architecture in world-class universities

Our Architecture and Design programmes are taught in academic cities and towns across the UK, all of which have a long and distinguished history of academic excellence. Students live and study in university college accommodation; the perfect scholarly environment in which to take your academic career to the next level. The ancient and beautiful buildings of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge evocatively add to the atmosphere of academic excellence, which inspires our students to excel themselves. Meanwhile our Imperial College London campus enables Oxford Royale students to explore the city’s many architectural styles, from the Romanesque Tower of London and High Victorian Gothic Palace of Westminster, to postmodern skyscrapers. All three beautiful city centres are the perfect locations for a short stay; plenty to explore and discover without leaving too much undone.

Get ahead in Architecture

Studying Architecture opens the door to a broad array of professions and niches, from sustainable planning to urban design. By the end of this course you will have the ability to identify emerging and exciting careers in architecture, as well as valuable insight into what a top university programme would expect from its students. We aim to provide a realistic sense of what a career in Architecture involves, as well as a strong set of transferable skills that will be of equal use at school and in the workplace. The programme is taught at different levels, so students can benefit from the teachings of our expert summer faculty. The teachers have extensive experience and can give the students valuable guidance, which can help determine an ambitious student’s career.

Enjoy life on campus

An ORA Architecture summer course will prove an unforgettable experience, combining academic rigour with a lively, engaging classroom setting and a host of events, workshops and excursions for all ages. Students will enjoy a superb course, world-class extracurricular activities, and make connections to last a lifetime.

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I found the Oxford Royale course online, saved the link as ‘life saving course.’ What I needed the most was help with my UCAS application, but I also wanted to challenge myself intellectually and learn new things.



This summer school has taught me many things, including the basics of engineering, which will most definitely help me in my future – academically and professionally.



The Medicine course gave me the opportunity to meet people from around the world with the same passion as me. My new friends and I were able to discuss and exchange information to support each other…



Year after year the allure of Oxford Royale has pulled me back. I met many different people during my first two weeks from different cultures and backgrounds.



I decided to return because I fell in love with Oxford, the gardens, the old buildings, the good books…



I found the Oxford Royale course online, saved the link as ‘life saving course.’ What I needed the most was help with my UCAS application, but I also wanted to challenge myself intellectually and learn new things.



This summer school has taught me many things, including the basics of engineering, which will most definitely help me in my future – academically and professionally.

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All courses require a deposit payment to secure the booking. The deposit is £995 GBP for all two-week courses for ages 13+. You may either pay the full course fee when you book your place, or pay the deposit amount and then the balance at a later date. The balance clearance is required at least 60 days before the start date of the course. Where the student is booking less than 60 days before the start date, the balance must be covered in full.

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Will I receive a graduation certificate?

Yes, students will be awarded an Oxford Royale Academy Graduation Certificate in their chosen course upon satisfactory completion of the course. This will be presented in a graduation ceremony on the final evening of the course.

Will I have to share a room/facilities?

Most of our accommodation sites offer a mix of single and twin bedrooms, with some campuses having en-suite bedrooms available and others have shared bathroom facilities between a small group of same-sex students. If you have a particular preference for a certain room type, you can make a request on booking, which may be granted subject to availability. If a particular room type is required for medical reasons, please contact our Admissions Team who will be able to check availability on different sites, depending on the course chosen.

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no refund of deposit will be made under any circumstances, once the two-week cooling-off period has concluded;
for cancellations before your course start date, the remainder of the course fees less the deposit amount will be proportionally refunded as per the table below:

Period Before Start Date Total refunded
120+ days 100%
90-119 days 50%
45-89 days 10%
0-44 days 0%
I want to attend one of your English language courses: how will you know what my level of English is and what sort of tuition I need?

All students registered to attend our English Language courses will be required to take an English Language Placement Test, which will assess the relative abilities of each student. Students are then placed into ability groups based on the results of their assessment, and the material that they study is tailored to the level of the class.

Once you have booked your place on a course we will send you information on how to take our online Placement Test. This test should take approximately one hour and should be taken by the student at least one month prior to their arrival date.

Please note that Oxford Royale Academy English courses do not cater for beginners in English.

Can I take more than one course?

It is certainly possible to take more than one course and combine a variety of study programmes. You can simply book onto two different courses, for example students from 13 to 15 years old could start with our Creative Writing course in Oxford and then move on to the Flim Academy

Students staying for two consecutive sessions will be provided with accommodation for the Saturday night, and their campus will provide supervised activities between their first session ending and second session starting. Should you have any queries about how to take more than one course please do not hesitate to contact us.